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UV-light Videoscope ISeries

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Product Highlights:
  • UV Interchangeable water-, oil-proof, heat-resistant Tungsten-braided videprobes
  • Probe diameter: 8mm (0.32")
  • Lengths from 1.5m (59”), 2.0m (79”) and 3.0m (118”)
  • 4-way articulation
  • CCD Video camera Chips (1/10”, 1/6”, or ¼”)
  • 120W UV Light Source
  • Adjustable UV objective lens
  • Video Hub with a 6.8" TFT-Display and splash proof keypad
  • Video, Still image and Audio capture directly to a CF Memory card
What’s Included
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Product Information
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ISeries UV Videoscopes are professional robust devices suited for use in such critical areas as: Aircraft turbine inspections, Building Engineering, Gas turbine inspections, Railway and Train technology, Shipbuilding industry, and many others. They were specifically designed to inspect defects of hard-to-reach areas using dye penetration testing. The fluorescent dye is first applied, then cleaned, with its remains staying in cracks and fluorescing under the ultra-violet light from the UV videoscope.

ISeries UV videoscope are equipped with a high-resolution CCD image sensor and a powerful 120W UV Light source with stepless intensity control allowing to capture real color, life like images with footage being stored directly to a CF Memory card. Special Quartz light fibers allow for effective UV light penetration. Adjustable Smart Focus UV objective lenses of different field of view (FOV), f-stops (f-stop) and depth of field (DOF) are available.

All the UV video probes are Tungsten-braided for extra durability and longevity. Tungsten is remarkable for its robustness and hardness, which exceeds that of many steels. Plus, because it retains its strength at high temperatures and has a high melting point it can be used in many high-temperature applications. Besides being extra durable, Smart Change Technology videoprobes used in ISeries UV videoscopes are also interchangeable allowing for a quick change of a damaged probe. Here, at you can find a variety of UV videoprobes of different lengths and diameters.

All quality-build, extra-durable, cost-effective ISeries UV devices will guarantee you hours and hours of interrupted operations, down-time on repairs and decreased additional costs as you won’t have to pay for a complicated process of changing focus lenses, or waste time waiting while your damaged videoprobe is being repaired

1. UV surface intensity measured at the work surface exceeds common commercial and MIL standards at
greater than 2,000 uW/ Referenced standards are based on a hand help UV lamp at a 15" working
distance to the inspection surface. The light guide is integral.
2. UV videoscopes are designed with silica fibers of extremely efficient UV light transmission at the peak
intensity of 365nm, desirable for FPI.
3. In the interest of longevity, given the nature of silica fiber, UV videoscopes are configured with 4-way,
90 degree articulation.
4. The UV videoscopes have been tested with other light sources offered domestically and offer comparable
performance. We prefer to sell our light source, but if budget is an issue we can establish compatibility.
5. UV videoscopes are compatible with all ISeries video based documentation systems.
6. The white objective is recommended for maximum magnification necessary for small defect analysis
coupled with optimal coincidence of UV illumination and field coverage. All objectives are compatible.

UV Light Videoscope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


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