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POSEIDON ROV Underwater Drone

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Product Highlights:
  • 1080P Full HD ¼” CMOS Camera
  • 130 degree Wide Angle View
  • 5 Hour Battery Life, 2 Hour Quick Recharge
  • iOS/Android Control of the ROV System
  • Live Stream Inspections
  • Long Range Wifi Buoy
  • Triple Thruster Design
  • Built in High Power LED Lights
  • Neutral Buoyancy with Software Supported Stability
  • Omni-directional Underwater Movement up to 2 m/s (6.6 ft/s)
  • Sensors Include Axis Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer 
  • Depth Accurate to +/- 0.2 meters, Temperature to +/- 0.5 Degress 
  • Dimensions of the ROV 15x 8.25 x 3.5 inches (38x 21x 9 cm)
  • Hard Carrying Case Included
What’s Included
Camera, Connecting Cable, Power Charger, User Manual, Floating Device, Hard Carrying Case.
Product Information
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This super portable Poseidon ROV is a premium underwater drone designed on more than 8 years of experience manufacturing underwater video and lighting equipment for commercial diving and Remote Operated Vehicles. These systems are tailor made for commercial diving and have been used in many underwater applications including fish farming, harbor surveillance, testing tanks for leaks, aquarium inspections, and more practical applications  including inspections of bridges, docks, boat hulls/props, and many more.  

The Poseidon ROV features a full 1080p HD ¼” CMOS camera, with a 130 degree wide angle view, and adjustable LED lighting, with 180 degree illumination to provide a clear path for the unit underwater. The outer body in composed of advanced high-strength pressure sealing technology making these units waterproof to depths of 120 meters (390 feet), though there are options with a stronger titanium housing that would be rated to 300 meters of pressure. Our basic configuration features a 4.5mm diameter 50 meter (164 ft) tether, with a strength rating of 110 pounds, installed on a rolling buoy. There are longer lengths available on a winch reel as well. The buoy is instrumental to the Poseidon as it houses the WIFI connection to control the units operation. 

 All of the Poseidon underwater drones are controlled via a smartphone or tablet, provided it is running iOS or Android. No other control box is required. The buoy houses a WIFI signal that your phone or tablet pairs with via a chrome browser. This allows you to view the live image on your device, capture image/video of your inspections, and control the movements and speed of the ROV. The WIFI signal range is up to 50 meters (164 ft), so it is important to stay within range of the buoy for proper operation. Also make sure to monitor the battery life of the Poseidon, which is approximately 5 hours, to insure premium operation. The battery can be recharged within 2 hours if needed. 

The underwater drone onscreen display shows the speed the unit is travelling (up to 2m/s, 6.6ft/s), time of usage, remaining battery life of the ROV, direction, depth, temperature, and it will allows you to adjust the speed, LED lights, capture images/video onto your device, and steer the unit, including forward/back, rise/sink, left/right, and roll. 

The Poseidon ROV is designed for neutral buoyancy combined with software supported stability, and a density equal to water. While many customers can easily control the Poseidon, some may find it a bit difficult to master. This can be due to different densities of seawater, which may influence the balance. For situation like this we include a balance holder which helps balance the unit, and makes it easier to control underwater.

** For best results, try to use the Poseidon ROV in clear water as much as possible. Always pay attention to where the device is to avoid hitting rocks etc., and always drain the water from the unit prior to storing in the carrying case.


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