Adjustable LED Light Source SPARK XTR

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Product Highlights:
  • Ultimate Brightness
  • Easy Light Output Control
  • Adjustable Strobe Light
  • Light and Portable Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Operation Life
  • Compatible with Olympus Endoscopes
What’s Included
SPARK XTR Light Source, LI-ION Battery, Charger, Carrying Case.
Product Information
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SPARK XTR is a new advanced LED light source for optical borescopes offering excellent illumination and intuitive operation regardless of inspection conditions, due to a specially designed focal lens, one-button control over light output and portable design.

The light handle features a specially designed lens that allows to focus maximum light on the endoscopes light post, providing highly intense illumination exactly where you need it. The light intensity of the SPARK XTR can be compared to that of stand-alone light sources, which allows to use it even with flexible fiberscopes.

Made of high-grade aluminum with anodized finish, this sturdy light source is also extremely light – only 3.8 oz (105g) with the battery and 3 oz (90g) without it. Its unique design allows for the heat given off by the LED element to disperse evenly on the surface, effectively retaining any heat internally making the inspection process more comfortable. The super bright LED light provides illumination with day light temperature and, unlike metal halide lamps, has a very long lifespan – up to 50,000 hours.

SPARK XTR offers complete one-button control over light output: turning it on and off; smooth light intensity adjustment, which is especially important when used on shiny surfaces to avoid glare; changing the frequency of strobe light. 

The SPARK XTR light handle runs on rechargeable 2,000 Ah, 3.6 V Li-ion battery that allows for at least 50 minutes of uninterrupted operation on a full charge. Charger is included in the set. It is compatible with both, rigid and flexible, endoscopes of different manufactures (comes with a standard Storz thread adaptor). A customized SPARK XTR is compatible with flexible Olympus endoscopes.   

All these advanced characteristics make the SPARK XTR one of the most powerful and energy-efficient light sources in its class. 


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We purchased 10 SPARK XTR lights and have been satisfied with them so far. One out of the 10 quit working and was sent back to Medit for repair. Roman Pushkar was able to quickly take care of the situation and get the functioning unit returned to us in a timely fashion. Hopefully the units continue to function as they do now – our operators really like them.

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Questions & Answers
Dear Sir,

When you ship to my addddress in New York, USA, can I have some trouble with the US Customs?

Hi dear Mehmet,

Thank you for your question.
This unit is in stock in Boston, MA USA
so it's not going through US customs when delivered within the US.

How much are additional battery's for this led light source?

Additional batteries are US$10, plus applicable shipping.

sorry for the question, but if the LED is out, you can replace or not? If so, where can I find spare parts? Thanks in advance


Yes, we can fix LED lights. If you purchased your unit from us, please e-mail and call us for instructions on how to return your unit for repair.

Best Regards.

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