Pan-and-Tilt HD Sewer Camera ANACONDA

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Product Highlights:
  • Sewer Inspection System with Pan-and-Tilt HD Camera
  • Ø 2" (50mm) Interchangeable Camera Head with Stainless Steel Housing
  • IP68 Waterproof Sewer Camera Head
  • CMOS HD Video Chip
  • Built-in Powerful LEDs to Maximize Illumination
  • 197 ft (60m) or 393.7 ft (120 m) Length Push Rod 
  • 10.0’’ LCD IPS Monitor 
  • Easy Image/Video Capturing, Processing and Storing
  • Data Capture on USB Memory Stick
  • Digital Footage Counter
  • Built in 512Hz Sonde
  • Centering Skid for Increase Visibility and Maneuverability in the Pipeline
  • Battery-Powered Operation
What’s Included
Remote control, Portable monitor, Camera head, Insertion probe with Reel, USB cable, USB Flash Drive, Power adapter, Centering Skid, User's manual, Patch cables, Earbuds with microphone.
Product Information
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The ANACONDA HD Sewer Camera is one of the most affordable Pan-and-Tilt pipe inspection systems on the market today. It features a new, waterproof 2 inch (50mm) diameter camera head, which is well suited for inspecting sewers, drains, ducts, manholes, culverts, wells, and tanks. This is going to give you the best image quality at a reasonable price. 

The Pan-and-Tilt function of the camera head means that the head will pan side to side at least 90 in each direction, to better view the side walls or around corners, and you can also spin the camera head in a full 360 circle enabling you to fully survey the entire surface of the inspection area. The high-resolution color 1/3" CMOS sensor is protected by a durable, scratch-proof, sapphire lens and aluminum and stainless steel construction, which is IP68 waterproof. The 6 white LEDs are large great at illuminating large-diameter areas and providing consistent light dispersion over the entire surface, and there is a built-in 512Hz sonde to locate the camera head underground. The camera head of the ANACONDA HD Sewer Camera is also interchangeable, which is great for areas that may require spare parts or back up units due to damage or contamination.

The fiberglass push cable is waterproof, and available in either 60 meter (197') or 120 meter (394') lengths built onto a standalone steel reel, with a built in onscreen footage counter, with controls, and a locking mechanism.

The control unit is equipped with a 10” color LCD IPS widescreen monitor that allows you to easily inspect pipelines, sewers, mainlines, water systems and different vessels from street level. All the details of an inspection can be viewed on site, or saved as video directly to a USB flash drive. The monitor also houses a wireless keyboard to add pages of text to capture files, a earbuds/microphone jack, the onscreen foot counter, a rechargeable battery for portable use, the joystick controls for the camera head, capture buttons, video input and outputs, and a port for smaller camera heads and push cables.

The ANACONDA HD Sewer Camera does include a plastic centering skid for 4-6 inch lines, to center and protects the camera head. For larger diameter inspections, 8-24 inch lines, the optional metal VCM-SK rolling skid would be ideal to center the camera head and roll down these lines instead of just pushing this along the bottom or through the build-up.

Camera Head:
  • Camera Head Diameter: 50mm (2")
  • Camera Head Length: 154mm (6")
  • Rotation: Pan: 360°, Tilt: 180°
  • Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS HD, 1.3Mp
  • Video system: AHD PAL, AHD NTSC(Support CVBS signal)
  • Camera head Housing: Stainless steel
  • Illumination: White LEDS
  • Brightness of the LEDS: Adjustable
  • View Angle: 120°
  • Focus: Auto
  • 512Hz Built in sonde
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Operating temperature: 5°C - 50°C

Display & Storage system:

  • Size of the screen: 10’’ LCD IPS 
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Video capture: AVI
  • Image capture: JPEG
  • Joystick type rotation control
  • On-screen meter (footage) counter
  • USB Flash drive storage
  • USB interface: USB output
  • Recording pause function
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Earbuds/microphone jack
  • A/V output
  • 12V, 8800mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
  • Battery level indicator


Push Cable and Reel:

  • Fibreglass rod push cable
  • Footage counter with "feet/meter" switch
  • Push Cable diameter ø7mm / ø11mm
  • Push Cable Length: 60m (196.8ft) / 120m (393.7ft)
  • Mechanical brake
  • Reel dimensions: 51x25x64cm / 70x28x84cm
  • Centering Skid

 Optional Roller Skid for large diameter pipes


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very helpful

Recently I had a situation where I needed to figure out why an existing duct shaft was not getting enough air to pass thru it and we contacted your company for options.
Rather than opening up the walls on each of the 8 floors to gain access to this duct shaft( which would have been very costly).
Roman advised us that you had camera’s with video capability that could be rented and dropped into the ducting to look for the blockage. He was very knowledgeable about the equipment and very understanding with our situation.
I found the customer satisfaction to be very positive working with this company.

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RFQ on 2.3" Pan-and-Tilt Sewer Camera ANACONDA and lead time to Singapore

Hi Billy, the lead time usually depends on the availability in stock. The delivery to Singapore is usually up to a week.
Our sales team will contact you shortly.

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