1.68" Self-Leveling Sewer Inspection Camera TRITON SL

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Product Highlights:
  • 1.68" Self Levelling Camera Head
  • 20 High-intensity LEDs
  • 12" Daylight Readable Monitor
  • Waterproof Camera: IP68
  • Click Touch Controls
  • Record to USB Drive
  • On Screen Footage Counter
  • Adjustable Lighting Controls
  • Voice Over Recording (Built In)
  • Rename Files on Stick After Recorded
  • Sewer Camera built-in 512Hz Sonde
  • 2 Hour Battery with Built In Charger
  • Kevlar Reinforced Push Rod
  • 3” P-Traps and Up
  • Slip Brake Handle
  • Upgrade to Weather Proof DVR available
What’s Included
Monitor DVR Box, 12V AC Power Adapter, Push Rod with Camera Head on Reel, Connection Cable, User's Manual.
Product Information
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TRITON Line, Heavy Duty Sewer Inspection Cameras are designed particularly for those who are looking for truly heavy duty inspection systems with an advanced video component and sturdy push rod for everyday usage.

Well built and thoroughly tested the Triton-SL gives you a great experience you will be satisfied with.

It features a 1.68" self leveling camera that is always right side up. The camera is built tough from stainless steel, contains 20 HI LEDs for great illumination and a light sensitive video sensor (0.5 lux @ F2.0). To protect against any damage a video chip is protected by scratch resistant sapphire glass. This allows you to easily inspect laterals and main lines up to 8" in diameter and go through 3" P-Traps.     

A TRITON-SL sewer inspection camera system includes two main parts:

The first one is the durable reel with push cable lengths up to 400 feet (120 meters). One of the most sensitive parts of any pipeline camera is the push rod. The Triton stands out among other similar inspection systems because it features a Kevlar braided probe. Kevlar is commonly employed for making bullet proof vests and is known for its durability. Due to this technology the Triton inspection reels are significantly more durable compared to regular systems.

The camera head is equipped with 20 High Efficiency LED lights. It provides superb illumination of the inspection area and a bright, clear, and rich image.  Camera head is easily replaceable, and if you break or damage it during the inspection, it can be easily fixed.

The camera is completely IP68 waterproof and allows to inspect under 6 bar pressure in fresh water (200ft). The Triton inspection reel also comes with a built in transmitter that operates at 512hz. You can use any standard 512Hz receiver to locate the camera head or order one from us (optional).

The second part of the set is the imaging hub. The Triton has a 12” incorporated color wide screen monitor with a recording processor (10.4" screen for the weaterproof option). You can save your data directly to a USB drive. Recordings are made in a high quality H.264 format. You can add a voice recording (via a built-in recorder) to accompany your data or/and you can add up to 16 pages of typed text of comments.

An on-screen counter of the inserted footage, adjustable lighting control, rechargeable battery that lasts 2 hrs on a single charge, and click touch controls are among additional features.

New! Specially designed weather-proof monitor is also available on request. All openings are tightly sealed to keep out moisture, and this system has a moisture absorbing barrier between the side walls and the internal electronic components. This option is extremely convenient and recommended for harsh working conditions in either hot or cold climates.

Note: TRITON-SL is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.



Push rod with 1.68" self leveling camera head attached

Electrical transfer

6 pole slip ring

System Dimensions (LxWxH)

16.5"x 5"x 24"

Weight with 200ft rod

35 LBS

System reel Housing Material

Powder coated steel tube frame


Waterproof IP68

Camera diameter


Camera housing

Stainless steel


0.5 lux @ F2.0 68 deg


470 lines

Sensor type

1/4 color CMOS




20 High-intensity LEDs  30,000mcls

Max push rod distance

400ft  1/2"diameter rod

Standard 512Hz inline sonde


Min pipe diameter 

2" , 3"plastic P-traps

Max pipe diameter





Housing ABS plastic case (yellow)


Standard, Splash proof

Power source

Std 2 hour internal battery


Std Meter and Footage counter

USB recording



video/audio out


LCD 12" (10.4" for weaterproof option) daylight readable


8 X

* Controllers with Built-in memory are available 


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Questions & Answers
The 1.68" Self-Leveling Sewer Inspection Camera TRITON SL, does it have interchangeable heads? like being able to put a 1" camera head on it?

Thank you for your question, Wes.
The Triton systems come with three different reels and with 3 camera head sizes.
the standard reel - comes with 1.68" head
the medium reel - comes either with 1.68" or 1.23" heads
the mini reel - comes either with 7/8" or 1.23" heads
You can not interchange the camera heads because they are glued on a push rod and sealed for better waterproofing,
but what you can do though is to get a second reel with a camera head and interchange it with 1 DVR box.
Please contact our salesteam at 204-800-7856 if you have any further questions.

We need to buy the above unit. Please provide shipping weight and cost of the said unit (one unit Tritron Line Heavy Duty Pipe Camera) (Sewer Inspection) via sky freight from your facility to Doha Intl. Airport or via FedEx and your terms o payment.

Thank you for your immediate reply.

Respecfully yours,


Thank you for your inquiry.
Our standard payment terms are: credit card (Visa, MC, AmEx, bank transfer, or PayPal).
A detailed personalized reply was sent to your e-mail.

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