Ultra Thin HQ Micro Borescope

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Product Highlights:

• Ø 0.5mm (0.02") probe diameter
• Working Length - 250mm (9.8")/ 500mm (19.7")/ 1000mm (40")
• German made optics
• High Resolution Quartz Fiber optic Image bundle
• Low image leakage due to the optimal size of the fibers
• Built in focus ring on eyepiece
• Detachable strain relief
• 32mm DIN universal eyepiece

What’s Included
Ultra Thin HQ Borescope, Aluminum Case.
Информация о продукте
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Medit’s Ultra Thin Fiberscopes represent our Premium line of Micro Fiberscopes. They are the best choice for extremely small inspection areas, with diameters as small as 0.5mm (0.02”).  

All of the optics are tested and adjusted in Germany to insure ultimate image quality.

The advanced image bundle is composed of 3000 densely-packed microscopic quartz pixels or fibers. These Japanese fibers are small enough to provide a brilliant high resolution image, which is not so small as to leak some light or resolution.

A focus ring is built into the handpiece of the scope. Image/video recording devices (for example the  ImagePRO USB or ImagePRO HDTV) can be attached to document inspections, though a brighter light source like the ILLUMINATOR LED is HIGHLY recommended for video capture.

With a field of view angle of 70° more details will be delivering during inspection.

All of Medit’s ultra thin fiberscopes can be pair with a portable SPARK LED Light Handle, to illuminate the inspection area directly from the tip of the insertion probe.

Note: Ultra Thin Fiberscope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


• Length - 500mm (20") or 1000mm (40")
• Diameter: 0.5mm (0.02"), or 0.8mm (0.031”)
• Optical system: fiber optic, 0.5mm (0.02")-3000 pixels, or 0.8mm (0.031”)-6000 pixels
• No articulation
• Vinyl/Teflon coated flexible insertion tube
• 70° Field of View (FOV)
• 0° Direction of view (DOV)
• Complete waterproof design.
• Manual focus of the image with focus ring on the eyepiece
• Light post connection: STORZ, WOLF, and STORZ Adapter Thread
• 32mm standard eyepiece for rigid scopes
• Perfect for industrial inspection, though the optics are fragile and should be used with caution to protect the small opitcs


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