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Economy Snake Cameras

Economy Snake Cameras
A wide selection of affordable inspection cameras: dual cam scope, versatile systems with wireless capabilities, sewer snake cameras with length of probes up to 40 meters and more. Designed to reach even the tightest spots, these viewing devices will be extremely helpful in such industries, as automotive, security, construction and many more.

Long Borescopes

Long Borescopes
We offer professional video borescopes with up to 30 meters (98') long insertion probes for multiple applications in aviation, power generating, food industry, railway technology and other industries. All quality-made, featuring latest CCD or CMOS technology, these videoscope systems are fully equipped for efficient, accurate and informative inspections.

Articulating Borescopes

Articulating Borescopes
Articulating Borescopes featuring 2- and 4-way tip angulation that adds extra maneuverability to the probe especially in tight or curved areas and provides clear, detailed image of the inspection area. Built-in video sensors and LED, or fiber optic light bundles offer super intense illumination and high-quality image resolution.

Plumbing Camera

Plumbing Camera
Find a plumbing camera for exploring different types of waste water systems to locate and identify existing or potential problem areas. The choice of probes lengths, camera diameters and additional accessories allow for capturing high quality images and intuitive operation in any inspection setting.

Lateral Inspection Cameras

Lateral Inspection Cameras
Optimal solutions for maintenance workers, contractors and engineers who need to inspect sewers, drains, lateral pipelines and wells. Extremely robust, compact and portable, these devices were specifically made to endure challenging environments of every day inspections. The lateral inspection cameras come with a variety of push cables for different applications.

Mainline Inspection Cameras

Mainline Inspection Cameras
Browse our variety of inspection systems for mainlines. High quality, yet affordable pipe crawlers and push cameras for your selection.

Канализация и дренаж

Water and waste
Issues with sewer and wastewater pipelines always require immediate and cost-effective solutions. Whether an industrial or a residential application, this is your one stop shop for highly reliable, professional sewer cameras for drains, mains, and stormwater lines.


Timely detection and prevention of structure and material damage is an integral part of the construction business. To achieve this goal you will need dependable, portable, and highly precise remote visual inspection equipment.


Welding quality control is crucial when it comes to costly projects in automotive, construction, gas ! oil, and other industries. Borescope will help to unveil welding defects and prevent equipment failure, financial losses, and other undesirable consequences.


Safety is a concern of utmost importance when it comes to aviation. Remote visual inspection of engines, turbines, combustion chambers, wings and other parts of the aircraft with the help of borescopes or endoscopes is a necessary part of standard safety check procedures.


Our borescopes visualise all automobile parts such as engines, conduits, valves, pistons or bores without disassembling. Quality control and repair in the present-day automotive industry cannot be done effectively without reliable remote visual inspection equipment.


Public safety and security are increasingly more essential in the modern world. Whether the task is to find drugs, smuggled goods, weapons, or identify stolen cars, endoscopes are essential for investigatorsand security services.

Нефть и газ

Oil and Gas
Borescopes and pipe cameras are indispensable in the oil and gas industry for such applications as inspection of condenser tubes, pipelines, and pumps. Weld inspection, quality control, workplace safetyare only some of the examples of uses for remote visual inspection devices.


Power Generation
Nuclear and conventional power plants contain numerous components that need to be regularly inspected from the inside. Generators, pressure vessels, pipes of heat exchanger and steam pipes are subject to corrosion. Borescopes will detect defects at an early stage helping you to avoid high costs for replacement and repair.


Barrel Inspection
Every experienced hunter, gun manufacturer or gunsmith knows how important it is to inspect the gun barrel on a regular basis to rule out corrosion, build-ups and other defects. Borescopes and rigid endoscopes are excellent tools to make sure your firearm barrel is in s good shape and ready to use.

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