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2" Sewer Camera Skid Set

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Product Highlights:
  • Push Camera Skid for 2” Diameter Heads
  • 1.2 inch Diameter Wheels for Better Traction
  • Push Camera Head Protection
  • Basic Roller Skid to Navigate in Pipes Starting at 5”
  • One Set of Extension Arms to Navigate in Pipes Starting at 8”
  • One Set of Extension Arms to Navigate in Pipes Starting at 9” and up
  • Lightweight,  Durable Composite Nylon
  • Navigates Through S- and P-Traps
  • Ideally Fits our Python Push Camera System
What’s Included
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Product Information
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This push camera skid fits most standard 2 inch push camera heads.

The skid is made of extremely durable and lightweight nylon.

1½ inch diameter plastic wheels allow the skid to roll easily through pipelines from 5” and up.

The universal skid will keep the camera head centered in the pipeline for easy pushing through a straight pipeline or 90° elbows.

The set consists of one basic roller skid and two sets of interchangeable arms of different length.

The basic skids navigates pipelines starting from 5” diameter. The extension arms perform the same functions but at different pipe dimensions.


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