Steerable Pipe Inspection Robot GECKO 9060

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Product Highlights:
  • Interchangeable Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head 
  • 120m (393') Kevlar Reinforced Cable, with a Maximum Length of 250m (820') Available
  • To Inspect Pipes from 4" to 20" Diameter
  • Capable of 45 degree Arcs in 8” Pipes
  • Waterproof to 1.5 bars (50 ft.)
  • Wide Angle Field of View 
  • High Powered Built-in LEDs for Excellent Illumination 
  • Steerable Drive
  • 6 Wheels Drive System, with Speed up to 33 meters/minute
  • Built-in Inclinometer
  • Optional 512Hz Sonde
  • Color 8.4” LCD Monitor, in a Metal Case, with a Full Keyboard and Sun Shield
  • Digital Video Recorder to Capture Video Files 
  • Optional Camera Raiser, extra LEDs and Larger Wheels Available 
  • German Made Durable Design and Construction  
What’s Included
Crawler system on wheels, Pan-and-tilt camera head, Manual cable drum, Kevlar reinforced flexible cable, Optional camera riser with extra LED lights, Optional wheels.
Product Information
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The Gecko 9060 steerable pipe inspection robot is a sturdy compact device designed and manufactured in Germany to be versatile and productive. It can be used to inspect a wide range of pipes, duct work, and industrial sites. The crawler comes with an is interchangeable 78mm (3”) auto-leveling, pan and tilt camera head and a 120 meter (394 ft.) cable. These units are great for inspecting shorter length pipes from 4 – 12 inches.  

The Gecko pipe inspection robot has a specially designed 6 wheels drive system that can be driven out to a maximum length of 250 meters (820 ft.) with an optional length cable. It has variable speed settings up to 33 meters/minute, with return speed control, steerable drive, integrated deviation measurement, a weight of 9.5 pounds, a waterproof rating of 1.5 bars (50 ft.). It will run in 4” or larger pipes, and can navigate 45 degree arcs in 8” pipe. The cable is installed on a stable drum with a slip ring. It has Kevlar reinforcing and is abrasion and acid proof. The live image is displayed on an 8.4” color LCD monitor, which is protected by a metal case with a sun shield for day time viewing. There is a full keyboard to add text to files, and label them, and a built in digital video recorder with an SD memory card to capture and document live video from inspections.

The crawler has a 78mm (3”) diameter pan and tilt camera head with a high resolution Sony CCD chip that produces a bright, crisp, colorful image. This camera head auto-levels so the image remains right side up when driving over rocks and sludge, and the pan and tilt functions offer endless 360 degree rotation, 240 degree tilt, automatic 180 degree tilt, and automatic home positioning, controlled through buttons on the base. There is a wide angle 130 degree field of view and 18 high powered SMD LEDs that provide an excellent image in large diameter pipes up to 12”. The camera head is composed of high grade aluminum stainless steel which is very durable. An optional Sonde can be added to this set to locate the camera head behind walls or underground. 

To inspect larger diameter pipes a camera raiser, with extra LED lights, and a larger wheel set should be purchased. The camera raiser will center the camera better in larger areas. It offers better illumination for distance inspections and to view upcoming bends or the side walls. It also protects the camera better since it is not sticking out of the front of the crawler unit. The optional wheel sets include 63mm (2.5”) diameter wheels for 5” pipes, 97mm (3.8") diameter for 8” pipes, 100mm (4”) diameter abrasive for extra traction, or 117mm (4.6”) diameter for 12” pipes and are available on request. 

Note: Gecko 9060 is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


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Questions & Answers
Can the Gecko 9040 travel elbows and vertical section???

Hi Emma, No unfortunately this crawler robot can not go vertically but making around elbows depends on the pipe size and the elbow radius. Thank you for the question!

Please can I have a price for the Gecko 9040 Robot camera.
With extras etc.( Pan an Tilt Camera. 150m
of cable, lift Kit, Extra wheels.)
Is Camera system available in PAL Format.

Hi Neil,
The camera is available in both PAL/NTSC and because the product is customizable the price is available upon request.
Please contact our sales representatives.

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