Heavy Duty Pipe Inspection Camera TROGLOPROBE PRO

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Product Highlights:
  • Extremely Rugged Pipe Inspection Camera for Harshest Environments
  • 61m (200 feet) Length Reinforced Push Rod
  • Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head is 11 Bar (160 psi) Waterproof 
  • Electronic Focus Control
  • Digital Defect Measurement (Optional)
  • Optional 1'' and 1.9'' Camera Heads are Available
  • Complete System is Fully Waterproof to IP67
  • Integrated DVR
  • WinCan Software Compatible
  • One Touch Recording to SD memory card
  • One Touch Playback
  • Audio Recording
  • Optional WiFi Module Available
  • Low Voltage Operation for Maximum Site Safety
  • Up to 8-hours Operation from a Single Charge
  • Light weight, 23kg
What’s Included
Monitor, 61m (200 feet) probe, Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head, Memory card, Battery Pack, Keyboard, Charger/Power Supply, Operation manuals, Brush Skid Set.
Product Information
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The TROGLOPROBE PRO pipe inspection camera is designed to be fully portable device, powered by an advanced power cell which allows up to eight hours of operation on a single charge, and recharging can be achieved in mere hours. The power cell simply snaps into the frame and is automatically connected to the system. The camera system utilizes the proven reliability of the T812 pan-and-tilt camera head, which uses the latest digital electronics to produce a reliable high-resolution picture, with self-centering feature via a one-key press on keyboard. With over 40 years of experience has been put in to designing this high-end CCTV system you can be sure that this camera will perform.

Ruggedness: Full stainless steel construction including a heavy duty front guard plus internal shock-mounting is the starting point of reliability. Fluid-damped passive auto-correcting removes the unreliability of electronic correcting to level the image, but gives you all the same benefits of a steady, upright image.

Extreme Lighting: The T812 range of cameras use high-intensity latest generation LED lights, which provide more than twice the light (equivalent to 80W Halogen) of existing products. Increased light equals better imaging, and allows the TROGLOPROBE’s PRO pipe inspection cameras to operate in larger diameters pipes, up to 12" (300mm) in certain materials. With an optional Digital Lens Measurment feature It utilizes a new way of measuring defects such as crack widths, root penetration and other artefacts while surveying pipe work.

Independent Lighting: Misting is one the most frustrating parts for operators. Eradicating this flaw in existing designs was one of the primary challenges. The solution was the use of two separate sealed chambers within the camera. The camera is therefore hermetically sealed, dehumidified during construction and utilizes heat piped in from the lighting to raise the temperature of the front window. The design has proven to be successful in the field at preventing misting, or fogging of the camera.

The TROGLOPROBE PRO pipe inspection camera has proven to be the leader in the field as a replacement camera for existing systems and can be fully compatible with:

•  Pearpoint ELS (TM) systems (replaces P370, P372 and P382)
•  Pearpoint Flexiprobe (TM) systems (using Troglotech Adaptor)
•  Pearpoint P571 Flexicoiler (TM) systems (using Troglotech Adaptor)
•  Gatorcam (TM) Push-Rod systems
•  Insight Vision (TM) Push-Rod systems

The design was simple: produce a system that allows the user to carry on working in all conditions. A camera that does not mist or fog up, one which does not fail, and earns the customer money rather than spending time in the workshop.

Portability is nothing if you have to carry a video recorder; the TROGLOPROBE PRO pipe inspection camera has a custom designed high resolution digital video recorder built in to the display unit. The recorder is designed for the industrial market and includes a lot of useful features

The base system consisting of a 5.6" high-brightness LCD monitor, high accuracy rod counter, 61M (200ft) specialized rod length and On-Screen-Display. The display unit includes composite video outputs and inputs.

The unit also includes a fully integrated text writer, power cell and digital video recorder. It is fully compatible with Wincam reporting software too.

This pipe inspection camera can be configured to operate vertically or horizontally where access is limited. Control of the rod is achieved with the assistance of a proportional brake which allows fine friction adjustment.

This unit is easily transportable and perfectly balanced to allow the display unit to be folded flat giving access to a sculpted handle. It is designed to be operated in all weather and is fully sealed against water ingression. The frame and coiler is constructed from thick-walled tubing which is powder coated. The mechanical design is modular and has easily replaceable major assemblies for simple servicing.

This fully digital system records directly onto an SD memory card. The SD memory card is solid-state with no moving-parts and is highly robust. It does not suffer from damage or scratches like DVD disks. The recorder uses the industry-standard MPEG format.

The usual downside to digital recording is the complicated control system, but the TROGLOPROBE PRO pipe inspection camera is easier to use than a DVD player. One touch recording and one touch playback is enhanced by an on-screen display of the remaining recording time. There is no to rewind tape or worry about humidity, as this unit records in all weather.

Available accessories include: Different frequencies sondes, Different diameters skids, Digital lens measurment software, WiFi module, 1" Straight view camera head, 1.9" Self levelling camera head, etc.

Note: Trogloprobe-PRO is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


Base System:


  • Length 540mm (21.3in)
  • Height 643mm (25.3in)
  • Width 302mm (11.9in)


  • Standard System 18.5kg (40.8lb)


  • Type 5 conductor Epoxy Glass Core
  • Standard Length 61m (Up to 85m available)

Environmental Specification

  • Temperature -20°C to +85°C (Storage)
  • 0°C to +50°C (Operating)
  • Sealing IP 67 (Coiler)
  • IP 68 11 Bar (Camera)
  • Emissions (EMC) EN61000-6-4:2001 (Emissions)
  • EN61000-6-2:1999 (Immunity)


  • Frame Powder Coated Steel
  • Housings Hard Anodised Aluminium


  • Supply Voltage 10.8 to 14.6v DC
  • Power Consumption 12 Watts
  • Power Cell 96 Watt-hour Li Ion
  • Charge Time: ~4 hours
  • Video Standard PAL or NTSC (auto)
  • Display 5.6” LCD
  • Resolution 500 LPPH
  • Brightness 900cd/ft
  • Digital Recorder
  • Recording format Digital to SD Card (MPEG4/JPEG)
  • Recording resolution 640 x 480
  • WiFi module: Yes (Optional)


T812 Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head

  • Overall Length: 97mm (149mm with rod adaptor)
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Material: 300 series stainless steel
  • Weight with Rod Adaptor: 1.34Kg
  • Rotate travel: 360°
  • Continuous Pan/Tilt travel 360° Continuous (285° useable)
  • Custom LED - Equivalent to 40W Halogen
  • Video Sensor: Digital Clarity CMOS ¼
  • Sensitivity: Better than 0.1 lux
  • Horizontal Resolution: 540 TVL lines
  • Digital Noise Reduction System
  • Lens Focal Length: 5.1mm
  • Angle of view 57°  
  • Focus range: 20mm to infinity
  • Digital Focus Setting: Electrostatic Focus Control
  • Temperature -20°C to +85°C (Storage) 0°C to +50°C (Operating)
  • Sealing IP68 11 Bar (160psi)
  • Automatic Focus Setting for co-axial orientation
  • Intelligent Speed Control of Pan and Tilt Motors
  • Automatic Control of Sensor orientation for Human Perspective View Digital Control of Pan and Tilt orientation

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