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Sewer Camera HATHORN M7

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Product Highlights:
  • Portable Pipe Inspection Camera 
  • Various Diameter Stainless Steel Camera Heads Available
  • 200ft. Length Premium Spiral Wound Push Cable
  • Compact Design
  • Removable Control Monitor
  • 7.4" Anti Glare Display with Acrylic Protected Cover
  • Integrated Text Generator
  • Adjustable Lighting Controls
  • USB Recording
  • On-Screen Footage/Meter Counter
  • 512Hz Sonde
  • Navigates 1.5" to 6" Diameter Pipes
  • 40 psi (92 feet of water) Waterproof Camera Heads
  • Powered by a Milwaukee™ 18V
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Optional Wi-Fi Module
  • Made in Canada
What’s Included
Monitor DVR Box, Power Adapter, Push Rod with Camera Head on Reel, Connection Cable, Flat Sliding Skid, User's Manual.
Product Information
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The HATHORN M7 pipe inspection camera is an industrial-grade tool. 

The M7 system is the perfect blend of compact and lightweight, yet extremely rugged and durable for heavy daily use. These Canadian manufactured units are packed with features to inspect pipes from 1.5” up to 8”, and are great for a variety of applications including; sewers, drains, laterals, oil pipelines, pools, hot tubs, ducts, pipe fitting or sprinkler lines. The M7 pipe inspection camera includes 3 components; the portable DVR box in a hard plastic carrying case, the strong, durable, push cable installed on a stand-up reel, and the tough stainless steel camera head, with LED lights and a great flexible spring section. 

The DVR features a built-in color 7.4” monitor with an acrylic shield, USB recording to save images, video, text, and on-screen footage readings direct to a USB thumbstick or hard drive. It also features adjustable lighting controls, and click touch controls. 

The push cable comes in a spiral wound premium poly blend design, which is very strong and durable, and resistant to abrasion and rough surfaces. These units available in a length of 200 feet (61 meters), with the push cable installed on a powder-coated steel frame. The reel features a built-in onscreen foot counter, and a connection point to secure the M7 DVR box. 

The DuraCAM camera heads are available in 4 different diameters; 1.23” (31mm), 1.35” (34.5mm), 1.4” (35.6mm) and 1.68” (43mm), all of which have solid stainless steel construction with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens, IP68 waterproof rating, an integrated 512 Hz Sonde to locate the camera head underground and behind walls, a sleek rounded design with no sharp edges making them highly maneuverable. There are also bright white LED lights built into each camera head to properly illuminate inspection areas. Some of these camera heads are also available in a self-leveling option, which refers to the fact that the live image on the monitor, or in captured files, is always right side up no matter how the camera bends or twists around in the pipe. 

The 1.23” Mini camera head is extremely flexible, and specially designed to navigate tight bends in a wide range of areas. This will make 90 degree bends in 2” pipes, and thanks to the very light-sensitive camera chip, will provide a crisp, high-quality image in pipes up to 6” in diameter. Integrated into this camera head are 12 HI-LEDs. The 1.23” camera heads are available in straight view, or self-leveling options. 

The 1.35” Drain scope camera head is specially designed to be more flexible to access tight inspection areas. It features a specially designed spring section and a rounded plastic skid that makes it capable of navigating 90 degree bends in 1.5” diameter pipes, and can be used to inspect pipes up to 6” in diameter. This camera head is only available in a straight view option though. This option would be great for pools, hot tubs, and sprinkler line inspections. 

The 1.4” and 1.68” color camera heads also feature a light-sensitive camera chip, but these units have more HI-LEDs to offer more illumination to inspect bigger inspection areas, typically from 3” to 8”, or a bit larger with the use of a camera head skid. Both of these camera heads are only available in the self-leveling configuration, so the image on the M7 monitor and captured files will always be right side up. 

The whole system is powered by a Milwaukee™ 18V (not included)


There are two options available for the HATHORN M7 pipe inspection camera sets: 

  1. A WIFI module to record images and video onto a smartphone or tablet. The WIFI module generates a WIFI signal that you connect your smartphone or tablet to. Once connected, a custom App is used to view the live image from the M7 on your device, and to capture files directly to your device memory. You can then store, text, email, or post to social media. 
  2. An XT512 sonde locator. This is used to detect the 512 Hz signal given off by the camera heads, to determine the location and depth of the camera head underground or behind walls. All of the Triton camera heads feature an integrated 512Hz Sonde transmitter built into them

Note: HATHORN M7 pipe inspection camera is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.



  • Camera Heads:  Available with 1.23", 1.36", 1.4", 1.68" diameter (Straight View, or Self-Levelling)
  • Min pipe diameter  1.5", 90-degree bend in 1.5", 2" plastic P-traps with the Drain Scope camera head
  • Max pipe diameter  6"
  • Electrical transfer 6 pole slip ring
  • 40 psi (92 feet of water) Waterproof Camera Heads
  • Housing: Stainless steel
  • Sensitivity 0.5 lux @ F2.0 68 deg
  • Camera Sensor: 1/4 color CCD
  • Auto Iris
  • 3.6mm lens
  • Standard 512Hz inline sonde
  • High-intensity LEDs 

Push Rod and Reel:

  • Reel Housing:  Powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Reel Type: mini reel with 6" wheels
  • Push Rod Length: 200ft. (61m) Premium Spiral Wound
  • Push Rod Diameter: from 3/8" to 1/2" depends on the configuration
  • Drum brake
  • 512Hz sonde transmitter
  • System Weight: 29lbs


  • Housing: machined aluminum
  • Mounted on reel
  • 7.4" daylight readable LCD with acrylic cover
  • On-screen text generator
  • Optional WiFi module available
  • On-screen meter/footage counter
  • USB Recording
  • Click touch buttons
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Powered by a Milwaukee™ 18V (not included) or compatible external battery
  • Battery level indicator

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