1.6" Pipe Inspection Camera Gecko 4510-H

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Product Highlights:
  • 1.6" Strait View or Self-Levelling Camera Head
  • High Resolution Sony CCD Image Sensor
  • Steel Camera Head, NANO Coated Glass, Waterproof to 4 bars 
  • Wide Angle 97 Degree Field of View
  • Dual-power Illumination 12 High Powered LEDs, 8 SMD LEDs 
  • Strong 9mm x 80 meters (262 ft.) Push Cable  
  • Robust Reel with a Trouble Free 6-pole Slip Ring
  • 90 Degree Bends in 2.75” Pipe, Work in Pipes up to 14”
  • Color 8” LCD Monitor, in a Metal Case, with a Sun Shield
  • Digital Video Recorder with Remote Control to Capture Video Files 
  • Onscreen Foot Counter
  • Aluminum Skid to Protect and Center the Camera Head 
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack, for 12 hours of Portable Use
  • Optional 512Hz or 33KHz Sonde to Locate the Camera Head
  • German Made Durable Design and Construction 
What’s Included
Camera System , Push rod, DVR with SD-Card, Aluminum egg for 4, Remote control, Power cord and charger, User Manual.
Product Information
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The Gecko 4510-H color pipe inspection camera is a larger version of the Gecko 3000S. This German made system has been designed to be used in larger applications, including pipes up to 14” in diameter, and lengths up to 80 meters (262 ft.) deep. It is ideal for plumbers, pipe or duct cleaning companies, and municipalities. This set includes a super flexible yet durable push cable that can navigate 90 degree bends in 3” pipe, a fully waterproof straight view, or optional self-leveling, camera head, dual power LED illumination, and a portable monitor with a DVR box. The Gecko is designed to deliver a high quality image with a strong, reliable design, for inspection of large drain lines, sewage tanks, ventilation or electrical shafts, foundations, and cavities.   

The camera head of the Gecko pipe inspection system is 40mm (1.6 inch) in diameter, with a high resolution Sony CCD chip that produces a bright, crisp, color image of the inspection area. It features a wide angle 97 degree field of view, 752x582 pixels, high grade steel construction, glass lens with NANO coating, and a waterproof rating to 4 bars (134 ft.) of pressure. The brilliant LED illumination is dual powered, there are 12 high powered LED lights that provide even illumination for close up inspections, and 8 SMD LEDs set up to shine further down the pipe for distance inspections.   

The Kevlar reinforced push cable is durable yet flexible to navigate 90 degree bents. It is waterproof, with a 9mm (0.35”) diameter, 80 meter (262 ft.) length, and a flexible spring coil with a protective sheath over the wires that run through it. The reel is robust and features a trouble-free 6 pole slip ring. This pipe inspection camera can be used to inspect straight pipes starting at 50mm (2”), it can navigate 90 degree bends in 70mm (2.75”) pipes, and will be fine for inspections up to 350mm (14”) with additional rolling skids to center and protect the camera head. 

The live image is viewed on a 8” color LCD monitor in a metal case with a sun shield for daylight reading. It comes with a digital video recorder, an SD memory card, and remote control to capture and document live video from inspections. Additional features include an onscreen electronic foot counter, to record the distance inserted into an area, a rechargeable battery pack that provides up to 12 hrs of portable use, and an aluminum skid to protect and center the camera head in 100mm (4”) pipes.  

Optional accessories include a larger 8” LCD monitor, with a keyboard to input text/label captured files, 512Hz or 33 KHz sonde, to locate the camera head up to 10 feet below the surface with a detection wand, and a self-leveling camera head, which insures that the image is always right side up, for inspections that require proper orientation.

Note: GECKO 4510-H is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details. 


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