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Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000

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USD $35,900.00
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Product Highlights:

Product Highlights:

  • Extra Durable Easy-to-Use Crawler Type Inspection System
  • Highly Adjustable Design
  • 5.5 Bar Waterproof Pan-and-Tilt Camera 
  • For Inspecting Pipes of 150mm(5.9") and Up to 1m (40")
  • High-quality, Super Sensitive CMOS Image Sensor
  • Front and Top camera Connectors for Different Pipe Diameters
  • Wheel Sets with Different Diameter Wheels
  • Adjustable Speed
  • 10.4” TFT Monitor with 800x600 Resolution
  • Integrated DVR (MPEG2 format), WinCan Compatible
  • Kevlar Braided Cable – 200m (656') Standard Length, 250m (820') Optional
  • USB Interface
  • Convenient Silicon Rubber Controls for Camera, Crawler and CCU Operation
What’s Included
Pan and Tilt Camera Head, waterproof up to 5.5 Bar , Multicore, Kevlar reinforced cable: 200m (656') Standard / 250m (820') Optional, DVR control box with 10.4” TFT monitor, Patch cable, Mild steel powder coated reel with aluminium bobbin, counter mechanics and a cast iron winding handle, Crawler unit, Wheels for different diameter pipes with set of spacers.
Product Information
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The STORMER S3000 Pipe Crawler is a portable all-in-one device for inspecting pipelines with diameters from 150 to 1000 mm (5.9"-40"). It is manufactured in England and features dependable, sturdy, highly adjustable design offering users ultimate inspection experience and true portability. As of today, it is one of the most sophisticated and efficient, yet easy-to-use and affordable devices in the market.

The pipe inspection robot includes several modules that are easy to transport and assemble: pan-and-tilt camera, insertion cable, CCU, cable reel and crawler. Optional accessories are available on request.

The pan-and-tilt camera with continuous rotation is equipped with a 0.5 lux sensitive, high-definition CMOS chip (720x576 pixels) and provides a high-quality well-rounded image of the pipeline interior. It is protected by a scratchproof front window to prevent image impairment, which occurs from using cameras in multiple cycles of inspection in abrasive settings. The camera is completely waterproof and comes in a Stainless steel housing with Aluminum anodized finish, withstanding up to 5.5 bar pressure (55 meters in freshwater). Illumination is provided by 5thgeneration high-output LED lights with 5 levels of intensity and a domed lens, allowing for even distribution of light.

The tear and wear-resistant, multi-core, Kevlar braided insertion probe is designed to undergo multiple inspections in abrasive environments. It is coiled on a sturdy Stainless steel reel with an on-screen depth counter. The STORMER S3000 pipe inspection robot comes with a standard 200m (656') probe, but is available with 250m (820') probe.

The crawler features an extremely adjustable design that can be modified within seconds depending on the pipeline diameter or other inspection requirements. It has a front camera mount for inspecting pipes of narrow diameter, and a top camera mount for pipes of bigger diameters. It is a powerful 5 speed 15 Nm 4 wheel drive with chain transmission running on 48 V DC motor. Different diameter wheel sets can also be easily adjusted based on the inspection settings. Optional accessories include an inclinometer that sends data on pipe gradient to OSD for display.

The inspection process is displayed on LED-backlit 10.4" TFT flat panel monitor with 800x600 resolution housed in a portable, heavy-duty Pelican case (weight of the case – 13.5 kg). The system records images in MPEG2 format and utilizes software compatible with WinCan. The information can be saved to the hard drive or a USB memory stick that is easily connected to the unit on the main control panel. The system also allows for up to 6 pages of text input.

The STORMER S3000 pipe crawler uses 110v or 240v mains or 1KVA generator power inlet for power supply.

Note: STORMER S3000 is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


Camera Specifications


Stainless Steel 303 grade and Aluminium

HE30 anodized with waterproof rear connector. 

Image Sensor:

High quality, CMOS, system on chip (SOC)


720 x 576 active pixels

> 420 TV lines PAL TV system. 


 0.5 lux.


5 brightness steps, short circuit protected

5th Gen LED lighting.

Protected with domed lens for even light distribution.

1100 lumens intensity @600mA.

Focal Distance:

5mm - ∞



Image Sensor Protection

Scratch Proof Sapphire front window


IP68, 5bar in fresh water


Diameter 75mm (2.95”), Length 180mm (7.09”)

weight 1.2Kg (2.5lb)

Crawler Specification

Body Construction

Brass CZ121 grade body, with Stainless

Steel 303 grade fittings


150 Watt, 48 Volt DC Motor with planetary gearbox, providing 15Nm output torque


5 speed steps, 4 wheel drive, with chain transmission to rear axle


Length 445mm (17.51”), Width (6”Config) 108mm (4.25”)


137mm diameter wheel set for 225mm diameter

and above.

206mm diameter wheel set for 300mm diameter

and above.

Optional Pneumatic wheel set for 800mm and 1m


Wheel Spacer Set 60mm long to enable various


Inclinometer (Optional)

Module sends data to OSD for display of pipe gradient ( optional component )

data rate: 9600 bps

data format 8 bit ASCII

range +/- 10 degrees

accuracy +/- 0.2 degrees


16.7Kg minimal crawler + 150mm wheels only

35Kg maximum full 1m config with camera fitted



Control Unit Specifications


All electronics and control systems are

housed inside a durable and portable PELI type case.

weight 13kg. 


10.4” TFT monitor at 800x600 resolution. Set in a flip up housing and an optically clear acrylic perspex window. 

Text generator:

A 6 page text OSD, to display general info

counter info and inclinometer info. Also provides data to a PC running WinCan software.


The integral Digital Video Recorder captures and

encodes the incoming video to mpeg2 codec and can save the files to a USB memory stick, which can be easily connected to the unit on the main control panel. 


Auto sensing 110v or 240v mains or 1KVA

generator power inlet.


Crawler direction, Pan Rotate & Focus, LED Dimming, DVR menu navigation & control, Emergency stop & crawler reset.

Cable and Drum Specifications

Cable Hosing

Multicore, Kevlar reinforced cable with

75ohm coax. A polyurethane 4350 flame retardant, halogen free jacket and kevlar braid for strain relief. 

Wet Cable End

Stainless Steel with internal strain relief

Cable Diameter

9.6mm (0.37”)

Cable Minimum Bend Radius

150mm (5.9”)

Working Length

200m (656’) - Standard, 250m (820’) - Optional

Reel Construction

Mild Steel powder coated

tubular construction, with aluminium bobbin and counter mechanics. A cast iron winding handle and stainless steel adjustable transport handle. 


For distance measurement display. 


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Questions & Answers
Can the wheels move independent of each other? In other words: how likely will the crawler get stuck in debris?

The crawler is constant 4-wheel drive, since it has only one motor inside it.

If it was to have 4 much smaller motors they would not have enough power to be useful.

In such conditions, an experienced operator would assess the risk of continuing with the survey, if the crawler got stuck, then the cable is strong enough to pull back the crawler until it can get traction again.

However, in most situations where there is heavy mud or debris, an operator would abandon the survey, and return after the pipe has been cleaned with a jetting unit, after all, the main point of the inspection is to check the actual condition of the pipe itself, which would not be possible if there is a large amount of debris inside.

Is there any sort of training documentation or training support that comes with the Crawler Stormer S3000?

Hi Richard,
Thank you for your question. We provide a user's manual, some training videos and also we can do skype consultations as after sale support. This unit is pretty easy to use so we will be supporting the end user with any questions. Our sales representative will be contacting you by email shortly.

Where is made stormer s3000
Please send me samole report pdf and video

Hi Yosef,
The Crawler Stormer-s3000 is made in the U.K. It has sturdy design and made with high quality components. The lens is protected with a scratch proof sapphire front window, the body is made of 303 grade Stainless Steel and Aluminium, it has a Kevlar reinforced cable. The camera is completely water proof to 5 bars.
Our sales rep. will contact you shortly.

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