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Pipe Camera VIPER Replacement Probe

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Product Highlights:

Product Highlights:

  • Working Length – 20m (65.6'), 35m (114.9’) and 40m (131.2')
  • Diameter: 36mm (1.4")
  • Fiberglass cable
  • Water-proof design for portable use
  • Special point touch connector to camera
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Product Information
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Viper insertion probes are water-proof PVC coated fiberglass cables with a 36mm (1.4”) diameter and come in 3 different lengths - 20m (65.6'), 35m (114.9’) and 40m (131.2') – to match your specific inspection requirements. They are suited for different applications to inspect remote areas, such as: sewers, ducts, pipelines, heat exchangers, tanks and vessels. 

A special point touch connector allows for tight waterproof coupling with a high-resolution CCD camera. It is also compatible with a Push Cam-4 camera. 

There is also a flexible spring coiled joint to navigate corners.

Easy to attach, clean and care for. 

  • Length: 20m (65.6'), 35m (114.9’) and 40m (131.2')
  • Push Rod Diameter: 36mm (1.4")
  • No articulation
  • Fiberglass cable
  • Waterproof design
  • Special point touch connector to camera

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Questions & Answers
Is the insertion cable shall be repaired when there is a damage like bent ?

Yes you can either ship it back to Canada for repair or order a repair kit and do it yourself. Our sales rep will follow up with you on this shortly. +1.204.800.7856

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