Olympus Borescope LED Light Source SPARK-OL

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USD $350.00
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Product Highlights:
  • Easy Coupling with Olympus Borescopes and Endoscopes
  • Ultimate performance
  • Best in class light intensity
  • Great heat utilization
  • Up to 2 hrs of continuous use
  • Long LED lifetime
  • Standard AAA Batteries
  • Light and Portable Design
What’s Included
LED Light Source, Zipper Carrying Bag .
Product Information
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SPARK-OL LED light source is a compact portable light handle that was specifically designed to be fitted to Olympus Borescopes and Endoscopes. Being as light and tiny as it is, it provides outstandingly powerful illumination and can be used even with flexible endoscopes. Equipped with the latest LED chip and a special focal lens, it produces up to 10% more light intensity than the most POWERFUL light sources in its class.  

Its body is composed of high-grade aluminum with an anodized finish. Due to special design, heat given off by the LED element is evenly dispersed to the surface, effectively retaining any heat internally making the inspection process more comfortable. 

Spark-OL LED light source for Olympus borescopes can be quickly attached to an endoscope by means of a rotating adaptor without having to rotate the whole handle, offering great convenience and freedom of portability.

The lifespan of a LED light is vastly longer than that of HID, xenon, or halogen bulbs and last more than 80,000 hours.

Spark-OL LED light source runs on 3 standard AAA batteries, which can easily be purchased globally, or in rechargeable form, Ni-MH, Li-ion, or Alkaline, if you want to use it continually. It is a great tool to have in the field, when you do not have access to regular light sources, or they are not convenient to use.



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Questions & Answers
Will this work with all Olympus flexible scopes? We have a GIF XQ20.

Yes this scope has been designed specifically for OLYMPUS scopes. One of our representatives will contact you by email today.

How many lumens or watts illuminates?

Thank you for your question. Brightness of this item is 107 lumens. Power consumption is 3W.

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