Mini Roller Skid for 4” to 6” Pipelines

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Product Highlights:
  • Non Corrosive, Heavy Duty Composite Nylon
  • For Camera Heads from 1" Diameter
  • Negotiates 90° Bends in Pipes from 4" Diameter
  • Eight Wheels Help to Center and Guide the Camera Through the 4” and 6” Pipelines 
  • Easy to Clean and Maintenance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
What’s Included
Small adapter sleeve for 1.0” or 1.3 camera head, Mini roller skid for 4” to 6” pipelines.
Product Information
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This is a good addition to the VIPER and VIPER-ADV, SeaSnake, TRITON 1.23" portable drain cameras.

The Mini Roller Skid centres the camera head in a pipeline and reduce the wear & tear and helps to increase the lifetime of your inspection system.

These skids are designed for easy maintenance, and are easy to clean.


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