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Metal Halide Light Source MS-24

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Product Highlights:

• 24 Watt short arc Metal Halide lamp
• 5500K (daylight) color temperature
• Step-less manual illumination adjustment
• Low heat radiation
• Compact design

What’s Included
Light Source, Power adapter, User manual.
Product Information
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The MS-24 metal halide light is one of the best solutions to complete routine inspections using rigid borescopes and/or fiberscopes.

The design is portable and light weight with great output intensity (up to 150,000 Lux) with stable “white” color temperature.

Due to the short metal halide arc lamp, the light acceptance of small fiber bundles is increased. Each bulb also has an average lifetime of not less than 500 hours.
The intensity of the light can be manually adjusted using the shutter to cut down or increase the illumination. A special body design protects this light source from overheating.

A wide variety of detachable fiber optic light cables are compatible with this device. To easily use equipment that you may already own.

The MS–24 is an ISO9001 and EN46001 - certified, FDA-registered and CGMP-compliant.



• 60 Volts, 24 Watts Lamp
• Ingress of water: IPX Ф
• Continuous Mode of Operation
• Operating Temperature: 10 - 30°C(50-86°F)
• Storage Temperature: -20 – 49°C(-4-120°F)
• Operating/ Storage Humidity: 15 - 95% RH
• Dimensions: 5,8"(14.73cm) (L)x3.5"(8.89cm)(W)x2.8"(7.11cm)(H)
• Power Supply Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
• Power Supply Output Voltage: 12V, 3.4A


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