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Inspection Videoscope ISERIES

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Product Highlights:
  • Ø 4mm (0.16"), 6mm (0.24"), or 8mm (0.32") Tungsten braided probes
  • Lengths from 1.0m (3.3 ft) to 15.0m (49.2 ft)
  • 2-way, 4-way and NO articulation
  • Water-, oils-, aviation fuel-, kerosene- proof insertion probes.
  • Sony Hyper HAD CCD Video camera Chips (1/10”, 1/6”, or ¼”)
  • Integrated 24W Metal Halide Light Source
  • Video Hub with a 6.8" TFT-Display and splash proof keypad
  • Interchangeable objective lenses and viewing adapters
  • Video, Image, Audio capture direct to a SD Memory card 
What’s Included
Imaging Hub Set, Insertion Probe/ Videoscope, SD Memory Card, Imaging Software, Heavy Duty Storm Case, Headset, 58° and 90° Field of View Lenses, User's Manual.
Product Information
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A true heavy duty inspection videoscope designed for everyday use in industrial work environments. These devicess deliver high-resolution images with rich detail.

All of the iSeries Inspection Videoscopes feature a high resolution Sony SUPER HAD CCD Camera sensor in the tip with a focal range from 5mm to infinity.

The ergonomic handpiece allows one-hand operation. With the capture button built into the handle to easily and comfortably save captured images. Each videoscope probe can be connected to the same video imaging hub, for different diameters and length for multiple inspection areas.

Wide range of interchangeable objective lenses with different fields of view, directions of view, and angles of view, are all available.  

The Video Imaging Hub combines a 24W Metal Halide light source, with a brilliant high resolution 6.8" TFT-Display screen, as well as the splash proof keypad, and file capture and documentation.

Through the Video Imaging Hub images can be viewed, labeled with the keypad, and quickly saved to the SD memory card with ease.

Onboard digital storage media or the Video Imaging Hub USB interface can be used to transfer images to a PC.

The Video Imaging Hub has an all metal frame which provides the structural strength required for everyday use in industrial work environments.

Custom-Built versions available on request e.g. UV-Inspection-System, Non-Conductive.

Note: iSeries Videoscope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


Insertion probe

• 4mm (0.16"), 6.0mm (0.236") or 8mm (0.32") Diameter
• 4-Way Articulation
• 1.5M(4.9'), 2M(6.5'), 3M(9'10"), 5M(16'4"), 7.5M(23'), or longer 12M(39'4"), or 15M(49'2") probe lengths
• CCD sensor size - Diagonal 2.5mm (1/10")
• High Resolution Sony Super HAD CCD sensor
• Hand Held Controller with Super Fine Articulation
• Home/Return-to-Center Function For Scope Orientation
• Tungsten Braided Insertion Tube
• Supplied With Two Forward View Objective Lenses: 58° FOV Black (110-0052) and 90° FOV Red (110-0051)
• Convenient hand-piece image capture control
• Insertion tube withstands immersion in water, mineral and synthetic lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids, aviation fuel, kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel

Imaging Hub

• High Definition 6,8" /17,5cm LCD TFT Display
• SD Memory Card
• 100-240V AC Adapter/Power Supply
• Optional 12V DC Battery Power
• Weight 1Lbs (0.45Kg)
• Built-in Text Generation
• Integral Touch Key Pad
• Full Screen Image Search
• Image Reverse and 180 Rotation
• Long Exposure/Frame Integration


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Questions & Answers
The diameter is 4mm
Length 2 to 3 metres
We are in the UK

Iseries videoscopes have 4mm and 2 and 3m options available.
We ship worldwide, including the UK.
Please contact one of our sales representatives for further information.

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