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iRIS PRO Dual Focus Video Borescope

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Product Highlights:
  • 6mm (0.24”) Diameter Probes in Lengths from 1.5 meters (4.9ft) to 7.5 meters (24.6ft)  
  • Simultaneous NF – Near Focus (3mm-14mm) and FF – Far Focus (12mm to infinity) Camera Chips
  • Built-in LED Illumination
  • High Definition 7” Touch Screen Monitor
  • Dedicated or Split Screen Live View and File Capture
  • Electronic Zoom, Text Generation, Image Marking, Touch Screen Menu 
  • Built-in Image and Video Capture to an Internal Memory or USB Device
  • 4-way Tip Articulation 
  • Waterproof Tungsten Braiding
  • Rechargeable Battery for Portable Use
  • Quicker Easier Inspections, with Less Wear and Tear on the Probe and no Parts to Change
  • Designed in Germany, Assembled in the US
What’s Included
AC adapter, battery, battery charger, iCase.
Product Information
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The IRIS Pro Dual Focus video borescopes are a new design of one of our top of the line units, with the benefit of dual CMOS camera chips in the head of the insertion probe. These videoscopes also feature 4-way tip articulation, clear bright image resolution, a high definition 7” touch screen monitor for dedicated or split screen viewing, and a design that prolongs the life of the unit.  These units are specially designed for quicker inspections of aviation turbines (blades, compressor and hot section), automotive engines, welds in pipes, manufactured parts (blockages, cracks or dents, and cross holes), and security applications (police, customs, military).   

The IRIS Pro Dual Focus video borescopes feature dual color CMOS camera chips, with a special near focus (NF) depth of view, 3mm-14mm, and a secondary far focus (FF) depth of view, 12mm to infinity (provided you have enough light). Both camera chips feature intelligent image enhancements, LED illumination, and built-in electronic zoom.   

The live image is displayed on a high definition 7” touch screen display, with either a dedicated live image from one camera chip, or a split-screen image from both camera chips. The monitor features image and video capture, from either or both cameras, onto a built-in hard drive or USB storage device, onscreen menus, electronic zoom, text generation for captured files, and a rechargeable battery for portable use.   

Insertion probe comes in a 6.0mm (0.24 inch) diameter with lengths from 1.5 meter (4.9 feet) to 7.5 meters (24.6 feet). These probes are waterproof with a multilayer tungsten braid over a polyurethane jacket and built-in 4-way tip articulation, controlled via 2 knobs on the handpiece.  

These units are designed in Germany and assembled in the US, to reduce inspection times, allow for quick and easy inspections, cut down on small lenses or parts that can be lost or damaged, and to reduce the need to remove and reinsert the probe multiple times, cutting down on wear and tear. Simply press a button to switch focal range and continue on with the inspection


Note: iRIS PRO Dual Focus Video Borescope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.

Operating Unit
  • Display size: 7.0"
  • Display resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels 
  • User Interface: EIOS (Endoscopic Imaging Operation System) 
  • Interface: USB 
  • Primary power supply: Rechargeable Li-ion battery 
  • Secondary power supply: 12 V adapter (optional accessory) 
  • Storage: internal memory 16GB / USB (16GB included) 
  • Video format: MPEG4 (.avi) 
  • Picture format: BMP (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png) 
  • Image Analysis Method: Comparative optical measurement 
  • Illumination: High Power LED on the tip
  • Light adjustment 3-stage 
  • Ergonomics: ± 90° rotatable display,
  • Weight: 1.65Kg (+/- depending on probe diameter and probe length) 
  • Dimensions (mm): height x width x depth 430 x 187 x 104 
  • Housing: Robust PU with rubber full protection 
  • Working temperature probe: 140 °C max. 5 minutes (-25 °C) - (+ 80 °C) 
  • Working temperature system: (-25 °C) - (+ 46 °C) 
  • Storage temperature: (-25 °C) - (+ 60 °C) 
  • Humidity: 95% max. - not condensing 
  • Waterproof: probe and distal end up to 1 bar - 10.2m H2O 
  • Stability: Probe and distal end against oils and saline solution (5%)


  • Image Sensor: Two Advanced CMOS chips
  • White Balance: yes 
  • Depth of field: NEAR FOCUS objective: 3mm - 14mm, FAR FOCUS objective: 12mm to infinity

Image Control

  • Zoom: 0.5X to 3X in 0.5X increments, 1.5X on dual view screen
  • Split screen viewing or dedicated to either depth of field
  • Grid, circle, line, marker
  • Brightness: yes, adjustable
  • Contrast: yes, adjustable
  • Color: yes, adjustable
  • Text Annotation: Built-in full-screen text overlay generator 


  • Diameter: 6.0mm
  • Working Length: 4.9 - 24.6ft (1.5 - 7.5m)
  • Articulation: 4-way, 360° control (Control Levers)
  • Integrated Objective Lenses: 90° FOV
  • Braid: Tungsten Braid on Poly-Urethane-Jacket



Optic: Made in Germany

Inspection Unit: Made in the USA


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