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Inspection Camera VIPER ADV

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Product Highlights:

Product Highlights:

  • Great maneuverability and viewing characteristics
  • Ø 23mm (1.0”) Camera Head
  • 12 super bright white LED lights
  • High-resolution color CCD chip
  • Built-in 512Hz frequency sonde
  • Push rod diameter – 6.5mm
  • Working Length – 40 meter (131.2') and 60 meter (196.8')
  • 9” TFT LCD display in a Waterproof Case
  • Image (JPEG )/Video (AVI) file capture  
  • Video output to a TV monitor
  • Files capture to a SD memory card
What’s Included
control unit with monitor, power adapter 12 V, User Manual, screw driver, SD card, 2.5 meter connection cable, 3 centering skids, battery unit, camera head , selected Push rod.
Product Information
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VIPER ADV Pipe Inspection Camera is a great inspection device with enhanced maneuverability and viewing characteristics.

It is well suited for exploring ducts, pipelines, mains and sewers and is capable of maneuvering through two 90-degree elbows due to a wider push rod and longer spring joint connecting the push rod with the camera.

The Ø 23mm (1.0”) camera head is equipped with a high resolution CCD chip, 12 adjustable super bright LED lights and protected by a Sapphire lens to prevent scratching and image impairment. The advanced viewing technology allows for capturing clear, detailed images of the problem area regardless of inspection conditions. The camera comes with a stand-alone reel with a length counter. The sturdy, yet portable, reel enables users to inspect remote areas from street level while viewing the images in live mode on the 9” TFT LCD color display. The inspection data can be stored as images (JPEG) or video (professional AVI format) and saved to an SD memory card. 

There is also an video output for transferring images to a TV monitor. There is also a video output for transferring images to a TV monitor. The display and the control buttons that are convenient to use are packed into a lightweight waterproof plastic case. An adjustable sun hood protects the display from direct sun allowing efficient outdoor inspections and viewing images even in bright daylight.

The VIPER ADV Inspection Camera is available with PVC coated fiberglass 6.5mm push rods of variable lengths - 40 meter (131.2') and 60 meter (196.8'). Extra durable push rod is both flexible and easy to push.

The set includes a built-in 512Hz frequency sonde, located immediately behind the camera head and two centering skids for additional precision.

The whole set takes little space and is easy to carry around.

It is an affordable, user-friendly device that is designed for additional precision, pushability and portability in remote visual inspections.





1" Color CCD camera with a Sapphire glass lens

Built-in 512Hz Sonde

Viewing angle



12 white LEDs

Operating temperature

-20°F ~ 120°F (-28°C ~ 50°C)


Stainless steel 304

PAL output

NTSC output







Special gold point touch connector to camera

6.5mm Diameter Fiberglass cable

Cable length : 40 meter (131.2') and 60 meter (196.8')

DVR with LCD Monitor


9” TFT COLOR monitor

Picture Resolution:480(TV Lines)

OSD display

Touch keys

Video output

1Vpp 75 Ohms

power supply


Charge adaptor :110~240VAC ,12.6VDC /1000mA (included.)

Lithium battery box (4000mAh, included.)



Control Box Case size

□ 45.5cm x 37cm x 18.5cm


Ø23mm x 30.5mm


reel 46X27X56cm


D1: 720X576

High Resolution:720x480

High Resolution:640x480

Compression format

M-JEPG & Standard JPEG

Video files format


Working mode

Recording/snap photo/ audio recording


SD/SDHC card



Working electricity


Working temperature


Working humidity



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Thank you for your service, the product is perfect WOW!

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Questions & Answers
What type of warranty With the Viper ADV?

HI Michael, this camera comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty. It covers any defects you may come across.

Hello, This cam can be used on underwater applications? we are looking for use on Underwater Pipes on Commercial Pools...

Please confirm

Yes, this camera is waterproof, but it can be submersed to maximum 3 ft in the water.
If you are looking for a good pool inspection camera, we recommend take a look at the 7/8'' Pipe Inspection Camera TRITON
or These ones can be submersed deeper in water and were specially designed for making turns in pipes from 1,5" diameter
Our Sales rep. will contact you shortly.

Can longer camera cable lengths be obtained. Need to go 300 ft?

For this specific camera the maximum push rod length is 197', we can actually make it custom longer but I doubt you will be able to push it any longer than 200' distance.
If you are looking at a longer rod, I'd recommend you a different camera:

TRITON 1.23" OR 1.68" self-leveling sewer Inspection Camera is available in 200', 300' and 400'.
If you have any questions, please contact the sames team by 204-800-7856

Will this unit allow me to eventually see 360* degrees. How does one point the camera in the direction he/she needs to inpect?

The Viper ADV inspection camera does not have pan and tilt feature. It's a straight forward looking camera with 120° field of view.
There's no way to point this camera in the direction other that just straight forward. But with 120° you will also be able to see the walls inside the pipe.
We have a different type of camera though - it's Anaconda 2.3" Pan-and-tilt sewer camera
That one does exactly what you are asking about - you can rotate the head and point it at any object on the wall of a pipe.
To get more details please contact us at 204-800-7856.

Does this have a self leveling camera?

No, this particular camera does not. For a self-leveling camera you may want to check out 2" Self-Leveling sewage camera PYTHON or 1.68" sewage inspection camera TRITON-SL

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