ED-CAM Universal Inspection Camera System

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Product Highlights:
  • Universal Inspection Camera System
  • 7" (17.78 cm) LCD Color Monitor (720x576)

  • Fast probe exchange of different diameters, lengths and functionality

  • Built-in rechargeable battery: 4 hours operation time

  • Micro SD card

  • IR Remote control

  • JPEG/MPEG4 file format

  • Voice recording feature

What’s Included
Portable Monitor, AC power adapter, Micro-SD card, IR Remote control, User's Guide, Patch cable.
Product Information
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ED-Cam is an enhanced self-sufficient inspection camera system that allows you to perform a much greater range of inspections by connecting probes of different lengths, diameters and functionality: rigid, articulating, non-articulating. No need to purchase a new device every time you receive an offer for a different application. Exchange a probe and you are good to go.

ED-Cam is packed with the latest NDT technology that allows you to get to the problem area quickly, examine it thoroughly and process the information immediately. It features a wide high-resolution 7” LCD monitor that displays color, life-like footage of the area of interest. Voice recording option is an extremely helpful add-on as operators can record important comments and suggestions right during the inspections, which means no important data will be lost in the process.

You can view inspections in real life mode as videos, take snap shots of particular areas of interest and then save your findings (in JPEG/MPEG4 format) to a micro SD memory card or stream them right to your laptop via a USB cable. 

ED-Cam Inspection Camera uses a rechargeable battery for a power supply that makes it even more portable and easy to use at any type of an inspection site. The battery allows for up to 4 hours of operation at full intensity. Depending on the inspection settings, you can hold the unit in your hands to choose a better viewing angle, put it on o folding stand or hang it on a hook, which will provide you with greater movement freedom. All the functions can be performed by using intuitive control buttons on the unit or an IR remote control.

The best part about ED-Cam is that it is extremely versatile and well suited for use by operators of any level of expertise: it is easy to set up and easy to use. 


Video Probes:

  • Diameter: 4.0 - 16mm
  • Length: 0.15 - 20m
  • Rigid / Flexible
  • Articulation: yes / no
  • Flexibility: Rigid / Flexible / Flex-and-Stay


  • LCD Display Size: 7” Digital 
  • Display resolution: 720x 576 LCD
  • Recording Turn On/Off: On the base or with IR remote control
  • Audio and Video recording: Yes (MPEG4/AVI)
  • Snapshot resolution (JPEG format): up to 5M pixels
  • Video recording resolution: Selectable
  • Replay video and review image: Yes
  • Fast Forward and Fast Rewind when replay the video: Yes
  • Languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese
  • Micro SD card capacity: Yes
  • Power charger indication Light: Yes
  • USB port data transfer to PC: Yes
  • Support micro SD card: Yes
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Power Charger: 100~240V AC in / 13.5V DC out
  • Working temperature -20° to 60° (Celsius)

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Questions & Answers
Hello, I am wondering if your camera system cames with light source?

Thanks for contacting us. ED-Cam kit does not include a light source, but you can always get one from us should you need one. Video borescope probes with LED lights at the tip do not require a light source to operate with an ED-Cam.

Hi we are planning to use the inspection camera systems to be lowered into our blast hole. It has to be water/dust proof and also be able to articulated. The main purpose of this system is to view geological condition of the blast hole. The budget we put on this system is $1,400.00 AUD at max.

Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you for your interest in our inspection cameras.
The least expensive camera with articulation we offer is Rigel (from US$2,199).
As an alternative I would suggest our Orion II video borescope with optional 70, 90, and 120 degree mirror tips http://www.fiberscope.net/orion-video-borescope.html

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