iRis DVR 5 Fiber Optic Camera Videoscope

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Product Highlights:
  • Advanced Fiber Optic Camera Videoscope
  • Comparative measurement function
  • 5’’ high-resolution VGA display
  • Powerful LED light illumination with fiberoptics and 3 step light intensity control
  • Excellent image quality
  • Camera Control / Exposure Integration modes: Automatic, Short, Long, Manual
  • Horizontal and vertical image inversion
  • Integrated interchangeable direct view/side view lens
  • 180° rotating screen and a 180° rotatable ergonomic handle
  • Heat resistant videoprobes
  • Different working lengths of probes up to 7.5 m(24.6 ft)
  • Variable videoprobe diameters: 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm
  • Tactile videoprobe contact in the inspection object
  • Extra-durable Tungsten Braided probes
  • Liquid tight probe up to 1 bar
  • Video (.avi) and Still-images (.bmp) recording
  • 3.5x zoom
  • 4-way 360° Tip articulation control

What’s Included
Rechargeable Battery (in device when delivered), Lens box, Charger, ITC Case Pocket, Operation Manual, Neck holder (optional), Fiber Optic Camera Videoscope.
Product Information
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This new Fiber Optic Camera iRis DVR5 is a professional inspection system with advanced features that can be used for almost all applications in remote visual inspections. 

High-resolution CCD Camera technology, extra-powerful LED lights, 3 step light-intensity control and interchangeable focusable lenses with different fields of view and depth of field provide a clear, bright, life like footage of the inspection object. The lenses can be easily changed in case of damage, thus cutting the costs of purchasing a whole new videoprobe.

With these advanced features users are now able to document fully digital image of the motion from a dripping leak, or a rotating fan in an excellent image quality, and view it on a high-resolution 5’’ integrated display. Besides, due to SmartChange technology of iRis DVR you can now connect additional video signal processing devices, such as external monitor or screens for live participant view.

All the components of the iRis DVR 5 Fiber Optic Camera Videoscope are made of high-quality heat-resistant and water-proof materials providing you with hours of uninterrupted operation in different inspection environments. The extremely flexible articulation section offers precision in control and great maneuverability even in the most awkward and tight spots and bends. Heat-resistant extra-durable videoprobes make this videoscope even more pushable and wear resistant. Shock-absorbing rubber caps protect the device against the penetration of dust and liquids.

Rechargable high-capacity battery and light weight make iRis DVR5 a highly portable device that you can take with you anywhere. In addition to the included battery, the iRis DVR can also be operated with the AC adapter.

Note: iRis DVR 5 is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


Operating unit

  • Display size: 5.0“ (12.7cm) TFT colour
  • Display resolution: VGA (640x480 pixel)
  • Operating system: Real-time operating system, with on-screen menu
  • User interface: Direct action keys / function keys / arrow keys
  • Languages: English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish
  • Video interface: Composite video-out (BNC)
  • Power supply, primary: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Power supply, secondary: 12V adapter (optional accessory)
  • Video format: MPEG4 (.avi) (with time and date stamp)
  • Image format: BMP (.bmp) (with time and date stamp)
  • Storage: SDHC memory card (FAT32)
  • Method Comparative Measurement
  • Image sensor: High resolution Super HAD CCD
  • White balance: Factory default or user defined
  • AGC level (gain control): Adjustable
  • Gamma: Adjustable
  • Zoom: X 3.5
  • Invert: Horizontal and vertical image inversion
  • Brightness: Adjustable
  • Contrast: Adjustable
  • Colour: Adjustable
  • Text annotation: Built-in text overlay generator


  • Type: High-power LED with high transmission fiberoptics
  • Illumination control: 3 steps
  • Colour temperature: approx. 6500k
  • Average lamp lifetime: approx. 5000h


  • Diameter: 4.0mm 6.0mm 8.0mm
  • Working length: 4.9 - 13.1ft (1.5 - 4.0m), 4.9 -13.1ft (1.5 - 7.5m), 4.9 - 13.1ft (1.5 - 7.5m)
  • Articulation (bending neck): 4-way / 360° control
  • Articulation angle* L/R | U/D: 100°/100° | 100°/100°, 100°/100° | 160°/130°, 100°/100° | 160°/130°
  • Braid: Multi-layer tungsten braid on PU jacket
  • Construction
  • Ergonomics: ± 90° rotatable display unit, alt. ±90° rotatable scope handle
  • System weight: 1,35Kg
  • Dimensions: 180mm X 105mm X 45mm
  • Housing: Rugged PU, with integrated rubber shock caps

Operating environment

  • Tip operating temperature: -13°F to 176°F (-25°C to +80°C) (284°F/140°C less than 5 Minutes)
  • System operating temperature: -13°F to 115°F (-25°C to +46°C)
  • Storage temperature: -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to +60°C)
  • Relative humidity: 95% max. - non condensing
  • Waterproof: Probe and distal end up to 14.7 psi (1 bar- 10.2m H2O)
  • Resistance: Probe and distal end to oils and saline (5%)


Carrying Case 508mm x 373mm x 147mm / 4,5kg

Country of Origin Germany


Optional Interchangeable Objective Lenses & SVTA available:


  • 4.0mm 0° 60° 7-50mm
  • 4.0mm 0° 60° 4-10mm SD
  • 4.0mm 0° 90° 15mm-∞
  • 4.0mm 0° 90° 10-30mm SD
  • 4.0mm** 90° 60° 5-45mm SVTA
  • 6.0mm 0° 60° 5mm-∞ BLACK
  • 6.0mm 0° 60° 8mm-∞ YELLOW-B
  • 6.0mm 0° 90° 5mm-∞ RED
  • 6.0mm 0° 120° 3mm-∞ GREEN
  • 6.0mm** 90° 60° 5-15mm SVTA-CF
  • 6.0mm** 90° 60° 15-50mm SVTA-FF
  • 8.0mm 0° 28° 25mm-∞ BLUE
  • 8.0mm 0° 60° 5mm-∞ BLACK
  • 8.0mm 0° 60° 8mm-∞ YELLOW-B
  • 8.0mm 0° 90° 8mm-∞ SILVER-B
  • 8.0mm 0° 90° 5mm-∞ RED
  • 8.0mm** 90° 60° 5mm-∞ SVTA

DOV = Direction of View CF = Close Focus

FOV = Field of View FF = Far Focus

DOF = Depth of Focus B = Bright objective lens

SVTA = Side View Tip Adapter ** Compatible to FOV60 °


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