Modular Rigid Borescope System with Swivel Lenses.

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Características principales:
  • Rod Lens Optic with Maximum Image Quality
  • Ø 4.4mm (0.175”)
  • 278mm (11”) Working Length
  • 80° Field of View
  • Optional Rotatable Objective Sleeves with Viewing Directions of 0°, 30°, 70° and 90°
  • Focus Ring on the Eyepiece
  • Full Metal Construction
  • German Made
El producto incluye
Rigid Borescope, Rotatable Objective Sleeves, Focus ring.
Información sobre producto
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The Optics and lenses have been designed especially for critical inspections.

This line of ultimate borescopes with interchangeable objectives is a modular borescope system for various applications in rough and changing industrial environments.

Patented 360° Rotatable Objective Sleeves with viewing directions of 0°, 30°, 70° and 90° provide freedom of access without moving the body of the scope.

Each rigid scope base can be connected to the optional interchangeable rotatable sleeves with a different direction of view, and field of view. The Simple snap-lock connection is quite easy to use. These interchangeable lenses, compared to rotating mirrors, show significantly better detailed images of the inspection area.

The outer housing of the rigid scopes is Watertight along the working length.

Focus ring integrated in the eye piece allows adjusting sharpness during an inspection.   

Sharp, detailed images thanks to the brilliant German optic used inside. Easy on the eyes reducing inspector fatigue, or eye strain.

High grade stainless steel insertion tube

Complete compatibility with all Medit video/image capturing devices (TV, HDTV, USB video cameras)

Note: Modular Rigid Borescope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.



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