Extremely Bright LED Light Source ILLUMINATOR

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Características principales:

• Brightness: 1850 Lumens
• Light Output: 1800K Lux
• Clean White Light (6000K Color Temperature)
• 60 000Hrs LED bulb life
• Encoder light intensity control
• No UV or Infrared radiation

El producto incluye
LED Light Source, Power Cord.
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Medit introduces its new superiorly bright LED light source the Illuminator. Now you can stop using fragile and sensitive halogen, xenon, or metal halide light sources.

This unit is a very cost-effective solution with extremely long life expectancy (<60 000Hrs, longer than a 250W halogen, or 100W Xenon bulb), while at the same time the light output, at 1800K Lux, easily replaces even the 250W halogen light sources.

Light intensity is controlled via Up and Down buttons with an LCD display, which provides you with a quantified number for the illumination intensity.

Thanks in part to a special cooling fan system the Illuminator generates very low noise, which is a great advantage especially when you trying to listen for abnormal sounds during inspections.  

The Illuminator comes standard with an universal fiber optic light guide cable.



System Light output:     Lux 1800k
CCT  K 6,000
LED lamp life:  60,000 hrs
Operation temp:   0 ~ 40˚C
Power: 110-220V / 60Hz (V/Hz)
Power consumption: 100 Watt
Cooling: Fan
Fiber Mounter:  Selectable
Weight: 8kg
Size: 280mm x 480mm x 450mm ( Lx Dx H)


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