Fiberscope LED Light Source SPARK-FI

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SPARK-FI LED light source for FI Fiberscopes is a compact eco-friendly light source that can be coupled with our flexible FI Fiberscopes, providing you with a brighter option for portable inspections. Equipped with innovative LED chip and special focal lens, it gives superior brightness consuming much less power than conventional light sources while reducing hazardous waste and operating costs from having to change light bulbs frequently.

Due to its special design and anodized finish of the body, SPARK-FI fiberscope LED light source retains the heat given off by the LED element, making the inspection process more convenient. 

Spark LED light source runs on standard AAA batteries, or rechargeable Ni-MH, Li-ion, or Alkaline batteries if you need it for longer operation times.

Overall increased safety, portability and decreased operating costs make SPARK-FI LED light source a great addition to your inspection kit.

El producto incluye
LED Light Source, Zipper Carrying Bag .
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  • Increased brightness at reduced power consumption
  • Great heat utilization
  • Up to 2 hrs of continuous use
  • Long LED lifetime
  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Standard AAA Rechargeable batteries
  • Light and Portable Design
  • Easy coupling with FI Fiberscopes

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