Our borescopes include inspection equipment for all possible types of applications. Depending on requirements for each particular job, we can offer rigid, semi-rigid or flexible borescopes, devices with 2- and 4-way articulating or straight view probes, retractable telescopic poles, a great variety of diameters from ultra-thin borescopes (0.35mm / 0.013'') to heavy duty scopes with up to 8mm (1/3'') probes. Depending on the model our borescopes feature recording capabilities in addition to still images (sound recording is available with some models), integrated and detachable sources of light, and stainless steel and tungsten braided probes. Examples of jobs which can be performed with our borescopes include automotive and space industry application (such as engine inspections), power plants and power generation, welding quality control, public safety and security, oil and gas industry, and firearms barrel inspection, among many others. We are sure we have a borescope that has the right features for your specific job and fits your budgetary expectations. Key features include: extreme versatility of applications, rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible probes and retractable poles, diameter options from ultra-thin to large, recording capabilities, adjustable lights and many other options. All our borescopes carry a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Borescopes for Inspection
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