Duct and HVAC Cameras

Another important area where inspection equipment have been in high demand is HVAC and duct inspections. Duct camera allows you to remotely inspect dark and inaccessible areas to check for any types of air flow problems. There’s nothing worse than having dust particles pollute the air in any building, and a HVAC camera will ensure that the duct cleaning job is done thoroughly. Our duct inspection cameras consist of a digital capturing component attached to a push rod to enable the device to access all parts of the duct work. LED lights illumination guarantees that you capture a clear crisp image of the problem area. We also offer duct cameras with recording, saving and playback features which will allow you and your client to appreciate the duct condition before and after cleaning. Using an HVAC inspection camera will also ensure dusts are properly and completely cleaned the first time. Proper use of a HVAC/duct camera system will save you and your customers time, effort, and money, and increase your productivity.

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