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1.36" Drain Scope MAGNUM M12

Product Highlights:
  • Ideal to Inspect Pool, Drain and Sewer Pipes
  • 200 feet of Premium .400 push Rod
  • 512hz Sonde
  • 2.0” P-Traps and Up
  • 90 Degree Turn in 1.5" Pipe
  • Audio and Video Out Jacks
  • 12" Daylight Readable Monitor
  • Weather Sealed Keyboard
  • Record to USB Drive
  • Text Writing with Memory Saves
  • Footage Counter
  • Adjustable Lighting Controls
  • Voice Over Recording (Built In)
  • Low Battery Alarm
What’s Included
Monitor with rechargable battery in peli case, Patch cable, Push rod with camera head and built-in 512Hz sonde on reel, Mounting bracket , Manual.
Product Information
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The Drain Scope inspection camera is a specially designed device used to inspect narrow diameter pipes with tight bends. These strong, durable, Canadian made units feature a 1.23” diameter straight view camera head, with a 200-foot long push cable, and a 12” color LCD monitor. The monitor can come with an optional WIFI module to view/capture the live image on a tablet or smartphone, for easy on-site documentation. The MAGNUM M12 line DrainScope system is perfectly suited for quick and easy inspections of sewer, pool, and duct lines. 

The miniature 1.36” color camera head is extremely flexible, and specially designed to navigate 90 degree bends in 1.5” pipes. Illumination comes from 12 high-intensity LEDs, and the camera chip is very light-sensitive offering high-quality, crisp images in pipes up to 4”. The camera head is stainless steel with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens, and a sleek design with a specialized plastic skid that is very durable with no sharp edges making it highly manoeuvrable, easy to clean, and insuring that will not get stuck or caught when removing it. This skid centers the camera, making easier to push down narrow pipes or over rough surfaces. The camera head is completely waterproof to IP68. An integrated 512 Hz sonde is also built into the camera head, making it easy to locate with a detection wand. 

The push cable is 0.38” in diameter, 200 feet long and more flexible than the other models we offer, yet strong enough to be pushed out the full length. It is made of a highly resistant material and will be extremely durable for everyday applications and use. 

The monitor is a 12”, day-light readable, LCD screen with a USB port to connect a USB thumbstick, hard drive, or iPod to capture images, video, and audio files via the built-in microphone. There is an optional WIFI module available to display the live image on a tablet or smartphone, with image and video capture directly onto the device. Additional features include a rechargeable battery, with 2 hours of portable use, an on-screen foot counter, video output to a separate monitor, up to 16 pages of text for captured files, and 8x digital zoom. Optional skids are available to allow the camera head to roll down larger pipes, as is a locator to detect the camera head underground or behind walls.  

The Drain Scope push camera is a great choice to inspect pipes from 1.5” up to 4”. It is built using the same durable materials as other the MAGNUM M12 line's systems but offers much more flexibility thanks to the specially design camera head, spring, and cable configuration. 

Note: Drain Scope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.



  • Camera Head:  1.36" diameter - Straight View
  • Min pipe diameter  1.5"
  • Max pipe diameter  4"
  • 1.5" P-trap in plastic pipes
  • Electrical transfer 6 pole slip ring
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Housing: Stainless steel
  • Sensitivity 0.5 lux @ F2.0 68 deg
  • Resolution: 470 lines. 720x480 NTSC
  • Camera Sensor: 1/4 color CCD
  • Auto Iris
  • 3.6mm lens
  • Standard 512Hz inline sonde
  • Adjustable LEDs Illumination 

Push Rod and Reel:

  • Housing:  Powder coated steel tube frame
  • Push rod Length and Diameter: 200 ft  .400"diameter
  • Weight with 200ft rod 35 LBS
  • Braiding Material: Kevlar


  • Housing ABS plastic case (yellow)
  • Mountable on reel
  • Standard Splash Proof Keyboard
  • Std 2 hour internal battery
  • Std Meter and Footage counter
  • USB recording  MPEG4
  • RCA video/audio out
  • Monitor LCD 12" daylight readable
  • 512Hz sonde transmitter
  • 8 X zoom
  • Adjustable lighting

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The best option for our application

I work for a mechanical contractor and recently we ran into an issue trying to find a scope that would be able to navigate an old Rickwell steam system. 3 inch buttweld steam, and 2 inch buttweld condensate. We knew the condensate was filling up and when drained there was sediment in the red rusty water. Find the leak we needed to run a scope in either end of the 2 inch pipe with a 200 foot scope. The total length of the pipe was somewhere around 323 feet. One end consisted one elbow 70 foot in followed by a second elbow 75 foot thereafter. The other end had two immediate back to back elbows followed by a third elbow within the first 29 feet. We own our own Rigid Seesnake for 2 inch pipe and above. The Rigid was not able to navigate any of the elbows. It consisted of a metal head slightly longer in length and the spring coil behind the head was a little wider that the 1.36” Drain Scope Triton we received from Fiberscope. With the awesome help from the service they provided us with the best option for our application. I highly suggest talking to these guys before ordering or Renting because they really know each scopes capability. The Drain Scope arrived on time and ready to go. It was easy to use and it was able to navigate all three 90 degree elbows on one end plus an addition 40 feet. On the other end it was able to navigate 70 feet and one elbow plus an additional 20 feet, which is really good considering the distance. Although we were not able to find the leak we were able to narrow it down to 40 feet that the leak was at which was fine in this application because we had quoted a customer to replace 60 feet. Given that the pipe was so rusted and rough the skid plate on the Drain Scope Triton and the flexibility truly holds an advantage over the Rigid. We did not expect any scope to be able to navigate the entire pipe. It’s nearly impossible to reach 200 foot and still get a solid push behind a camera considering the circumstances. Truly a huge help in an area where we couldn’t even use thermal testing.

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