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Chimney Camera GECKO 4510-ST

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Product Highlights:
  • High Resolution Sony CCD Video camera chip (752x582 pixels)
  • High-grade steel Camera head, waterproof to 4 bars (134 ft.)
  • Wide angle 97 degree field of view
  • Dual-powered illumination 16 LEDs, 8 SMD LEDs 
  • Super flexible Kevlar cable with 50 meter (164 ft.) length
  • Additional reel with 9mm diameter x 60 meter (197 ft.) fibreglass rod
  • Robust cable reel drum with trouble free slip ring
  • Color LCD monitor, in a metal case, with sun shield
  • Digital video recorder with remote control to capture video files 
  • Aluminum skid and roller included 
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • German made durable high end design and construction 
  • 3-Year Extended warranty 
What’s Included
Camera System, DVR with SD-Card, Remote control, Power cord and charger, User Manual, Push rod (Optional).
Product Information
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The Gecko 4510-ST Chimney Camera is a premium, high end color inspection camera designed specifically for chimney, duct and flue inspections. It can be either lowered down from the top, or runt up from the bottom using a fibreglass rod. This is great for inspections in extreme soot and other debris. The Gecko Chimney is manufactured in Germany, and it is a complete set which includes a flexible cable on a drum, a fully waterproof color camera head, dual power LED illumination, a high resolution monitor, DVR box with remote, rechargeable battery, and an additional fibreglass push rod. This chimney inspection camera is designed to deliver a high quality image with a strong, reliable, design backed by a 3 year warranty.    

The camera head in the 4510-ST unit is 40mm (1.6 inch) in diameter, with a Sony CCD Chip in it. This high resolution chip produces a bright, crisp, colorful image of the inspection area. It has a wide angle 97 degree field of view, 752x582 pixels, high grade steel construction, a waterproof rating to 4 bars (134 ft.) of pressure, and a highly sensitive module (0.01 Lux) making this camera great for inspections in areas with low light. To help with these types of inspections there are 16 high powered LED lights and 8 SMD LEDs providing brilliant dual-powered illumination. The regular LEDs provide a wide range of illumination, while the SMD lights provide high powered illumination for distance inspections further down the chimney inspecting the flue lining.

The durable cable is flexible, Kevlar reinforced, and great for running down into these areas. It is water and dust proof and comes in a 50 meter (164ft.) length. There is also a flexible spring coil which connects to the camera head. The cable is on a robust drum with a trouble-free slip ring, so it can easily be lowered down into chimneys. An additional reel with a 9mm diameter and a 60 meter (197 ft.) length is included in the set. It has a fibreglass rod that can be used to push the camera head up into the chimney when performing inspections from the bottom up.

The live image is displayed on a LCD monitor in a metal case with a sun shield for daylight viewing. It comes with a digital video recorder, an SD memory card, and a remote control to easily capture and document live video of the inspections. Power is provided by a rechargeable battery pack for up to 12 hours of portable use. The Gecko Chimney Camera set also ships with a protective aluminum skid for the camera head, and a larger rolling skid, which will center the camera head, and allow it to roll down side walls.  

Note: GECKO 4510-ST is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


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