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Borescopes for Weld Inspection and Quality Control

The quality of welds is becoming increasingly important as customer expectations rise. Products and components are expected to be high quality and not to fail unexpectedly. Such failures have large financial and social consequences which can be avoided with proper inspection techniques, and tools.

Inspecting welds directly can reduce costs by detecting defects in earlier stages of manufacturing, reducing the cost of customer returns and extending the life of the components by correcting them.

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is one method used to ensure the integrity of structural welds in steel, aluminum and titanium. NDT can be used to identify cracks, incomplete penetration, inclusions, incomplete sidewall fusion, leaks, and similar defects, which can compromise the strength of your welds. Portable borescopes are key to quickly and easily inspecting welds, and can offer full image and video documentation and storage. The quality and color of the weld bead, as well as residual deposits on the welding can be visually inspected with our color videoscopes, and their smooth coated insertion probes are designed to prevent polished pipes from surface scratches.

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