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Inspection Cameras for Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Systems

Inspection Cameras for Wastewater and Stormwater Systems

Water and wastewater pipelines require ongoing maintenance and quick, professional emergency response to avoid costly repairs, major financial losses, frustration on the side of the clients and al lot of other problems. Whether it is a simple sewer clog in a residential building or a pipeline problem at a water treatment plant, they need to be dealt with immediately. Whoever provides the quickest and the most efficient solution will get the job in the future.

Our drain, sewer and pipe inspection cameras will help you stay ahead of your competitors, enabling you to detect pipelines problems and deal with them in a timely and efficient manner. Medit Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of visual inspection equipment for all applications in water and waste industry. Choose from portable hand-held beginner level devices to heavy-duty professional inspection systems to conduct your inspections of stormwater and wastewater lines, drains, mains, sewers and etc. Our reliable and innovative pipe cameras feature outstanding viewing characteristics, durable, ergonomic designs and user-friendly software that will help you get to the problem area quickly, view, document, process and share footage with all parties at stake. Even the tiniest flaw will not go unnoticed with our super-powerful integrated lighting solutions and latest camera chips.

Pipe Crawler GECKO 9050

Pipe Crawler GECKO 9050 Snapshot

Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head
Up to 150m Working Length
Up to 20" Pipe Diameter
1bar Waterproof
Sewer Camera TRITON-SL

Sewer Camera TRITON-SL Snapshot

1.68" Self-levelling Camera Head
Up to 400' Working Length
Up to 12" Pipe Diameter
6bar Waterproof
Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000

Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000 Snapshot

iPan-and-Tilt Camera Head
Up to 250m Working Length
Up to 40" Pipe Diameter
5bar Waterproof
Push Camera GECKO 9020

Push Camera GECKO 9020 Snapshot

2.7" Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head
Up to 196' Working Length
Up to 12" Pipe Diameter
1.5bar Waterproof
Drain Inspection Camera GECKO 3000-S
WiFi Sewer Camera TRITON Sonic
iPhone, iPad and Android Compatible
Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000
Brick Culvert Inspection
Sewer Camera TRITON-SL
Inspection of Laterals

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