Portable Sewer Crawler TROGLOTREK

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Product Highlights:
  • Robust portable pipe crawler
  • Optional straight view, or pan-and-tilt front camera 
  • Battery Operated with quick-change battery pack
  • Fully pressurized system including the camera head, battery, all connectors and main cable
  • Fits in 4” diameter pipes and above
  • Reversing camera with rear lighting
  • Steerable
  • Quick-Release and locking wheel sets
  • 300M of 4mm Cable as standard
  • Auto-steer system designed to avoid over-turning
  • Inclinometer, internal pressure sensor
  • The cable strength is 19kg/km, with a pull strength of 10 kg (22 pounds)
  • Total weight of 26 kg (57.3 lbs)
  • Zero emissions
What’s Included
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Product Information
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Welcome to the future with the new steerable, lightweight, zero-emission, portable, battery-powered Troglotrek Sewer Crawler. This European built unit is one of the smallest options on the market able to inspect straight 4” (100mm) pipes, and light enough for a single operator to pick it up, transfer it to a jobsite, run the inspection on the battery with no power cables, generators or inverters, and carry it back. This crawler can be used in pipes up to 12” (300mm) without any attachments, or larger areas with additional LEDs and wheels.

The complete Troglotrek pipe robot is fully waterproof, meaning the camera head, crawler, and cable are IP68, while the monitor, keyboard, and processor on the reel are IP67 for wet outdoor use. This device is extremely unique in that the power source is mounted on the crawler body, allowing a lightweight cable to transmit the video feed and data. There is no need for additional strain relief or thick copper wires that heat up. The 4mm cable is mostly Kevlar, with a Vectran strength line, no high voltages (it is only running 5V), and 3 small conductors, making this efficient, lightweight, extremely safe to use, and portable.  

The sewer crawler features brushless motors that provide high torque at low rotation speeds, which means no gearboxes are needed, a back-up camera with built-in LEDs, a robust solid brass design, and interchangeable camera heads; either an economy 1.9” straight view with a focal range from 100mm to infinity, or a 2.36” PTF - pan, tilt and focus camera head that is self-centering with 360-degree tilt, 285-degree usable side to side panning, and a manual focus from 20mm (0.8”) to infinity (as far as you have light). All of the cameras are highly sensitive CMOS chips with “Digital Clarity” enhancements and high-intensity LEDs, which provide more than twice the output of existing units. 

The aluminum cable drum has 2 functions, it holds the 300 meter (984 ft) cable reel, with a smooth cable feeder to easily reel up the cable once you are done your inspection. It also houses an advanced rechargeable power cell for over 4-hours of operation, the video processor, and the 5.6” high-brightness color display, all of which are IP67 waterproof. With regards to the monitor, it features a sun shield, keyboard to control and drive the crawler and add up to 9 pages text, a memory card to document inspections, onscreen foot counter, inclinometer, and roll, pressure and temperature sensors. 

The Troglotrek sewer pipe crawler includes a magnetic lowering/lifting device, 3 wheel sets with a tool, charger assemblies, pressure pump to pressurize the system, and 2 batteries. As with our Trogloprobe push cameras, the Troglortrek crawlers are fully compatible with Wincan reporting software, and components of the crawler are back-compatible with any Troglorpobe push camera our customers already own. 

Optional features include an 8 watt additional LED light head for 300mm (12”) to 600mm (24”) diameter pipe inspections. Digital measurement software, to measure defects such as crack width, root penetration, WIFI module to connect smartphones/tablets, and immediately report inspections to customers or the office, and additional camera heads, batteries, or wheel sets.  

Note: TROGLOTREK Pipe Crawler is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


Camera Specifications


300 series stainless steel

Image Sensor:

Digital Clarity CMOS ¼


540 TVL lines


0.1 lux


Custom LED - Equivalent to 40W Halogen

Focal Distance (Focus Range):

20mm - ∞

Field of View

57 degree


Endless Panning/Tilting (285° useable)


Front: 1200 lumens (2 x high power LED (T812)), Rear: 1200 lumens (2 x high power LED)

Manual / Auto Focus:


Laser Measurement:


Image Sensor Protection:

Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal Lens


IP68, 11 Bar (160psi)

Rear view camera:

Digital Clarity” CMOS ¼”, Horizontal Resolution 540 TVL lines, Focus: Fixed 100mm to ∞

Automatic Control of Sensor orientation for Human Perspective View Digital Control of Pan and Tilt orientation


Crawler Specification

Body Construction:

300 series stainless steel and Brass CZ121

Battery mission time:

> 4 hrs (cameras/lights) 2 to 3 hrs operating


Four-wheel drive. Steerable

Linear speed:

0.5m/s (150mm configuration)

Linear pull: 

10kg (100mm configuration)


Custom spring loaded with pressure valves


Length: 310mm with T812 Camera, Width over small wheels: 82mm, Height: 71mm


  • 4" wheel set
  • 6" wheel set 
  • 8" wheel set optional for Entry Level Set

Built-in Sensors:

  • Inclinometer (to measure angles of slope)
  • Internal Pressure monitor


IP 68


5.7kg to 15kg (configuration dependent)

33Hz Transmitter (Sonde):

 Yes, Built-in. Detection depth 3m – 5m depending on material


Control Unit Specifications


IP67 Waterproof machined housing


5.6” LCD

Navigation and Control:

Integrated keyboard


Digital recording to SD Card (MPEG4/JPEG)


WinCan compatible

Footage (Meter) Counter:


Cable and Drum Specifications



Lightweight 2 Core twisted pair, Vectran strength member, Kevlar reinforced

Wet Cable End:

Stainless Steel

Cable Diameter:


Tether Strength:

Minimum breaking strength 2.5kN calculated weight 19kg/km

Working Length:

300m (984ft)

Reel Construction:

Tubular steel frame, solid aluminum housings

Built-in meter-counter:

For distance measurement display

 Temperature:  -20°C to +85°C (Storage), 0°C to +50°C (Operating)


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