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Borescopes used in Security Services.

In recent years, the need to detect and dispose of bombs (EOD / IEDD) has increased considerably to counter terrorist activities. In addition to the smuggling of drugs, illegal aliens and other contraband, the threat of terrorism has now extended beyond Government personnel to include a variety of organizations and individuals.

For applications such as these, portability is obviously important and Medit’s industrial borescopes have a wide selection of lightweight, compact, yet versatile portable systems, designed for rapid deployment. Products such as the Iseries videoscope offer a total system which incorporates non-conductive materials, and digital image recording to create reports or gather evidence. Medit’s industrial range of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) devices include videoscopes, flexible fiberscopes, rigid borescopes, super-thin mini fiberscopes for lock inspections, and video and usb camera units, which enable rapid and effective inspections. Searches of buildings, vehicles, ships, aircraft and freight, in fact any areas which are difficult to access, can be carried out efficiently and with minimal disruption using our equipment to produce real time visual images.

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