Push Cameras

Push cameras are used for inspections in a lot of different industrial and commercial areas. To name just a few: Oil and gas industry, HVAC, Municipal sewer and drain inspections, Food production and many others. These inspection devices consist of a DVR and a push rod with a camera attached to it. Push rods can be up 200 meters allowing for inspection of long industrial pipes and sewers. The systems can be either standard, pan/tilt or self-leveling depending on the type of the inspection and the problem in the pipeline. They can also record still images or video of the pipe interior for future reference. At Fiberscope.net you can find a sewer CCTV push cameras that will fit your specific needs and budget. All quality-built and designed to withstand even the most aggressive environments and perform in challenging conditions, our push rod cameras have become an essential tool in the day-to-day operations of professionals working in those areas. We offer insertion probes of different types and lengths, and cameras of various diameters with different features. Built-in adjustable LED lights provide excellent illumination in pipes of different diameter. Add to that innovative technologies in image capturing and recording, and you are all set to efficiently deal with even the most difficult task at stake. Our clients have testified to their increased productivity, thus value, after purchasing a push camera from us.

Push Camera Systems & Sewer CCTV from Fiberscope.net
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