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Borescopes and Cameras for Turbine inspections in Power Generation industry

Borescopes in Power Generation Industry

Medit provides non-destructive inspection products and solutions including video borescopes, fiberscopes and pipe cameras for key power generation applications, including those for fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energy transmission and distribution. Our reliable, advanced inspection solutions, and support, enable power generation customers to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and enhance productivity with unyielding integrity.

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) with borescopes and inspection cameras helps engineers get to the heart of problems quickly and efficiently, inspecting areas for pitting, cracking, corrosion, erosion, welding and other defects, thus minimizing downtime and optimizing planned maintenance. For areas with access via ladders, catwalks and cramped spaces, portability is obviously important, and for this we offer a wide selection of lightweight yet versatile inspection systems.These provide high resolution images in compact and mobile packages, where portability is enhanced with battery operation. RVI contributes to significant cost savings through increased efficiency, reduced maintenance, pollution control, and increased availability of equipment. Browse and find your convinient borescope for turbine inspection.

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