Mid-Range Videoscopes

Mid-range Videoscopes present the middle class of inspection devices. However, they feature many of the Premium videoscopes characteristics at the same time being compact, light and extremely portable. With some of them being the size of a pen, they are great tools for inspectors who work in areas with limited access or tight spaces. Most of portable borescopes we offer feature an integrated digital monitor with multiple, though intuitive and easy-to-use image and video capturing options, LED light illumination and is compatible with a variety of interchangeable probes of different lengths, diameters and functionality. The results of the inspection can be either played back right on the monitor, saved to a SD card or stored to a computer or laptop by means of a USB-cable. Some of our mid-range videoscopes have wireless capabilities, which eliminates the need for extra cables

Portable Videoscope Systems | Mid Range, Low Cost
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