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Drain Camera VIPER

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Product Highlights:
  • Our Most Affordable Drain Camera
  • Ø 23mm (1.0”) Standard Camera Head (Optional)
  • Ø 23mm (1.0”) Side View Camera Head (Optional)
  • Ø 17mm (0.67") Mini Camera Head (Optional)
  • Ø 28mm (1.1”) Self-levelling Camera (Optional)
  • Working Length – 20 meter(65.6'), 30 meter (98.4 foot) and 40 meter(131.2')
  • Super White LED Lights 
  • High-resolution Color CCD Camera with a Scratch-proof Sapphire Glass Lens
  • Optional Built-in 512Hz Frequency Sonde
  • 9” TFT LCD Display in a Waterproof Case
  • Image (JPEG ) / Video (AVI) File Recording 
  • Video Output to a TV Monitor
  • SD Memory Card for File Capture
  • Data Capture on USB Memory Stick
What’s Included
Monitor with a control box, Storm case, Screw driver, SD card, 1.5 meter connection cable, Two centring skids (not available for 0.67'' / 17mm camera head), Battery unit, Power adapter 12V, Selected push rod on reel, Camera head, User manual.
Product Information
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The VIPER portable drain camera is a cost effective set designed to deliver high quality inspections of sewers, building ducts/piping, wells, chimneys, and power plants. These sets feature small portable hand held probes coiled on a steel reel, with all of the accessories stored in one durable hard plastic carrying case which takes up very little space and can easily travel to different job sites.

The VIPER drain cameras have 3 main parts; the camera head, the push cable on the reel, and the monitor set up in the carrying case. The camera head houses a high resolution CCD camera chip with a wide angle 120 degree field of view, designed to capture bright, crisp, color images and video of your inspections. There are also 12 adjustable LED lights to illuminate the inspection area, a flexible spring to navigate corners, and a scratch resistant sapphire lens. The PVC coated fiberglass push cable is 5mm (0.20”) in diameter, waterproof, and available in either 20 meter (65.6'), 30 meter (98.4 foot), or 40 meter (131.2') lengths built onto a steel hand held reel, with a convenient rubber handle, which does not slip even with gloves on or wet hands. 

The waterproof and lightweight plastic carrying case houses a 9’ TFT color LCD screen and additional controls, including the DVR box, to capture images and uncompressed video directly to an SD memory card or an external USB storage, a rechargeable battery for portable use, a microphone, and a couple of skids for the camera head.  

The VIPER drain camera is the optimal solution when portability and maneuverability are extremely important.

For this push camera set, there are 4 additional interchangeable camera heads available for different applications. These include 1” diameter straight view, 1" diameter side view, 0.67” diameter, and 1.1” diameter self-levelling camera heads. 

The VIPER-S head combines the standard drain camera with a 512Hz frequency sonde. This allows the operator to locate the camera head underground or behind walls, and to determine its exact depth up to 5 to 8 feet (1.5 - 2.5 meters) depending on the strength of the signal, and the pipe material. This is done using the XT512 Locator, or any locator that picks up a 512Hz signal. In special mode the XT512 locator can also be used to trace pipes, where other models are inapplicable or inefficient.

 The VIPER-M camera head is more maneuverable for quick and efficient inspections of drain pipes, pool lines, small ducts, boiler pipes and straight run lines with diameters less than 1.5”. This interchangeable camera head is 17mm (0.67”) in diameter with a high-resolution color CCD chip and 6 high-output LED lights. This head is great for hard to reach, tight inspection areas, as it will make a 90 degree bend in a 1.5” PVC pipe. Note: skids are not available for 0.67'' / 17mm camera head.

The VIPER-SL (self levelling) camera head features a larger 28mm (1.1”) diameter with the CCD camera chip installed on bearings which ensures that the live image on the monitor, and any captured images or video, is always right side up. It does not matter how the camera head flips or twists in the pipe. This head also has 12 adjustable LED lights, a 120 degree wide angle field of view, protective sapphire lens and the option to add a 512Hz Sonde for location. It’s supplied with 2 custom plastic skids to protect and center the camera head in different diameter pipes.


Insertion Probe

  • Length: 20 meter(65.6'), 30 meter (98.4 foot) and 40 meter(131.2')
  • Camera Head Diameter: 17mm (0.67"), 23mm (1.0") Straight view or Side view, 28mm (1.1”) Self-levelling
  • Hi-resolution Color 1/4" CCD sensor with Sapphire glass lens
  • No articulation
  • Fiberglass cable
  • 120° Field of View (FOV)
  • 0° Direction of view (DOV)
  • IP68 Waterproof design of push probe and camera head
  • Illumination: white LEDs
  • Special point touch connector to camera
  • Two protective/centering skids (not available for 0.67" (17mm) head and 1" side view head)

Image Hub

  • 9” Color LCD monitor with Video output, file playback
  • Monitor Picture Resolution: 800x480 pixels
  • SD memory card slot
  • USB memory stick slot
  • Recording format - AVI / JPEG (720x576 pixels)
  • Power adaptor: 110~240VAC, 12VDC/1800mA
  • Rechargeable battery for portable use up to 3.5 hours
  • Li-ion battery box (4400mAh)
  • System Operating Temperature: -20°to 120°F
  • Operating temperature   - 20°F~ 120°F (- 28C°~ 50°C)

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I like this cam

My work is inspecting town house, multi complexes and apartments for our property management company. I purchase this camera to inspect a verity of things. Such as sewer lines, storm lines, dryer vents, attics, wall cavities. Sometimes on my knees other times I am on a ladder doing inspection.

I found the camera to be what I expected it to do. It is a great product. The pros that I found about the camera are

The picture was clear. Lcd tv great.
The control of the lighting was good.
The cable flexibility was good going around pipe bends.
First time trying recording, I had a little issue with it, called your office and they help me figured it out, great help.
The microphone sound was good
The SD card and USB good

The cons :

On the microphone, the cord could be a lot longer at least 6 to 8 feet, or a wireless blue tooth mic.
Just working with the camera cable and talking into the mic made it a uncomfortable body position. In doing inspection and doing a voice recording at the same time, it didn’t give you much room or elbow space to work with the camera cable without bumping into case.

The case is great. If it opened just a bit more such as perhaps a 30’ degree angle, I would be able to see the screen better in a standing position. When it sits on the ground and I’m standing doing a dryer vent inspection (to see if the vent pipe is clogged or the pipe has separated in the wall) I would have to bend down or have the case leaning back on something to view the screen. I have made a platform to adapt to a step ladder so that I can see the screen as I am feeding in the camera cable.

I do like the product very much and will be ordering another one very soon.

Great Camera!

Do you like the "Viper" Portable Push Camera you bought from

I love the “Viper” Portable Push Camera. The one I own is slightly different from the Push Cam4 as mine has an orange case and the camera head looks slightly different but the overall specs look the same.

What kind of application you use it for?

This camera is almost exclusively used for inspecting the interior lining of chimneys. It offers high resolution color video of places a traditional camera or flashlight can allow me to see. Each 6 min of video uses approximately 100mb of space on a flash drive. I can watch the video on my computer and catch still frames to use in my reports.

Viper Push Camera Pros:

~ High resolution video
~ Color display
~ Easy to operate
~ Cost effective Camera
~ Can use battery only – no need for electric nearby
~ Very cost effective – best camera for the money

Viper Push Camera Cons:

~ USB only – no SD card slot
~ No autofocus
~ No light control – cannot change light intensity
~ Rigid fiber line can be cumbersome depending on application – soft line would be better for chimney inspections

We Liked the Viper Portable Push Camera

Q: What kind of application you use Viper Portable Push Camera for?

A: We use it for evaluating mining excavations, and usually push it down boreholes in rock.

Q: How does this product help you finish your tasks or job?

A: The camera is very useful to help us look into underground openings (stopes) that we can only access through boreholes. We are most impressed with the 40m length, and like the way the glassfibre rods fit into the holder. Nice and easy to carry to a remote site, and even to underground locations.

We Like Viper Portable Push Camera

Q: Do you like the "Viper" Portable Push Camera you bought from Why?
A: yes compact easy to use battery powered

Q: What kind of application you use it for?
A: plumbing and sewer inspection

Q: How product help you finish your tasks or job?
A: helps me give a better estimate to customer(s) and locate exact location(s) [of probelms]

We're happy with this pipe camera

We are working mostly in pollution legacy, hydrogeology and fundation ground.

We are happy with the camera we recived last week and use it to check boreholes implementations and controll the quality of the survey points.

Good product for the price

Bought it for building inspection. Great for the price, Functionally it's an absolutely good device and I have no regrets whatsoever about buying it. Included skid looks a bit flimsy but no big deal.

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Questions & Answers
I m looking for a camera to check swimming pool piping. Most of the time 1 and1/2 or 2".
What kind of model would you recommend me ? it has to turn through elbow 90°

Our Viper Push Camera would be an adequate solution. It's head is slightly less than 1 inch (after you remove the protector off the camera head). It is able to take one 90 degree turn, but not multiple turns.

How many feet is this one to my knowledge it 113.9 feet

Dear Rick,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Push camera Viper comes in three length options, 20m (66'), 35m (115'), and 40m (131').

what is the warranty info on the Viper camera?

Viper push camera just as all our other products come with a one year limited warranty.

Just an enquiry - we are in South Africa. What would the cost of the camera be in South African Rands? Shipping costs? Thanks

All prices at our website are in US dollars. Please use relevant exchange rate tables to convert prices into your local currency.
For shipping costs, you would need to speak to any of our sales representatives.

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