Micro Borescopes

Micro borescope is a device used to inspect areas that are difficult to reach due to very narrow openings. The insertion probe diameter can be as small as 0.35 mm allowing for access into the smallest cavities. Micro borescopes are irreplaceable tools to examine manufacture parts for tiniest defects, debris, corrosion or blockages during quality control procedures, repair or as a preventative measure. A simple inspection with a thin fiber optic scope can save a great deal of money, which would otherwise be spent on costly repairs and long equipment downtime later. Browse our collection of rigid, semi-rigid and flexible micro borescopes. All quality-built, most of our mini scopes are produced by German manufacturers with extensive experience in RVI equipment production. All the devices we offer are equipped with the latest quartz image bundles produced in Japan delivering high-resolution images of exceptional clarity even in the smallest diameter scopes. We offer probes of different diameters and lengths to fit your specific applications. Our micro borescopes are made durable enough to withstand challenging environments of an industrial inspection. To enhance the performance of our mini borescopes, browse the accessories including monitors, light sources, recording devices and more.

Micro Borescopes and Mini Borescopes for Sale in Canada
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