Mainline Inspection Cameras

Mainline inspection cameras provide specialists with comprehensive video examination of sewer and other pipes, water lines and downspouts. Mainline inspection cameras are essential for a timely and quality maintenance, upkeep and repair of industrial and residential sewage. Cameras in this category include heavy-duty, highly dependable tools equipped (depending on the model) with such enhanced features as long and interchangeable cables, self-levelling heads, pan-and-tilt heads, high intensity illumination, built-in 512Hz beacons and optical zoom, among other advanced characteristics. In this category you will find motorized pipe crawlers, cameras fit for underwater inspection up to 5.5 bar, systems with kevlar-braided cables, and other unique attributes. Flexible or semi-flexible cable lengths run up to impressive 250m (820'), while some models feature a rigid telescopic rod. Most mainlines in North America are between 8'' and 12'' in diameter. Our inspection cameras will ideally suit the job providing you with reliable, seamless operation. Main highlights: a broad spectrum of options including motorized crawlers, robots, and push cameras, unprecedented reliability and quality, push rods up to 250 meters long.

Inspection Camera Systems to Inspect Mainlines
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