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Long Video Borescope XTC

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Product Highlights:
  • Professional-Grade Industrial Video Borescope
  • Up to 15m (49') Working Length
  • 8,0mm (0.31”) Diameter Probes 
  • Articulation  4-way / 360° Rotation
  • Advanced CMOS Chip on the Tip Image Sensor
  • Modular Design with Interchangeable Camera Head 
  • Straight Forward Angle View, with a 70 Degree FOV, 15mm to Infinity Focus 
  • Dual- LED Illumination Built Into the Camera Head 
  • Waterproof Tungsten Braiding
  • Optional Connection to the iTool Imaging Hub, or to a TV/Monitor/USB Capture Box
  • Extremely Economical Price-Performance Ratio, and Repair Costs
  • Robust and Durable, Supplied Ready to Work
  • German Optic 
What’s Included
XTC Video Borescope (No monitor), One Forward View Camera Head: 70° FOV, 1.8m Cable Type II – 5-Pin (female) to 12V In & Video Out, Carrying Case, 12V DC, .42A AC Adapter, User Manual.
Product Information
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The XTC Long Borescope are an extremely economical professional device, with the added benefit of having interchangeable camera heads. This means damaged camera heads can be replaced onsite reducing repair costs and down time, making these units perfect for aerospace, automotive, building construction, railway, engineering and manufacturing machinery, and waste disposal applications. All of the XTC video borescopes come with an 8mm diameter, 4-way tip articulation, variable probe lengths, a clear color image, and rugged durability.  

These borescopes are modular with interchangeable camera heads that feature a straight forward color CMOS image sensor, 70 degree field of view, 15mm to infinity focal range (provided there is enough  light), and built in dual LED lights to illuminate the inspection area.  If there is unexpected damage to the tip of the probe, trauma that cracks or crushes the lens, or insertion into hazardous waste or corrosive materials, the entire camera head can be removed from the articulating portion of the insertion probe, and replaced with a new one. This will greatly reduce repair costs, and downtime, as onsite replacement is fast and easy.   

The insertion probes in the XTC systems are 8mm in diameter, and available in lengths from 1.5 meters (4.9 ft.) up to 15 meters (49 ft..).  They are waterproof with a multilayer tungsten braid over a polyurethane jacket. All of these probes feature 4-way tip articulation, with 100 degrees left/right, 160/130 degrees up and down, for full 360 degree rotation of the tip controlled through knobs on the handle.  

The live image is easily displayed on a number of devices. The iTool video imaging hub has a  6.8” LCD monitor, with a memory card to capture images and video, onscreen menus, a splashproof keyboard, text annotation for captured files, an audio jack, video output, comparative measurement function, and a digital zoom.  This is the easiest option to use with the XTC, though via the “Y” cable a 12V DC power adapter and RCA video cable can be used to connect directly to any TV to display the live image, or via a USB capture box any computer/laptop, with the ability to capture images/video directly to the hard drive.  

These robust, durable, long borescopes are excellent for applications that require a longer insertion probe with 4-way tip articulation, especially for inspections of hazardous material or areas where the tip is at higher risk of being damaged. The modular design allows quick and easy onsite replacement, and reduced repair costs, and lost down time.   


XTC Videoscope

Probe Ø Length Articulation Articulation Angle* Tube Braid
8.0mm 1.5m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 2.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 3.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 4.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 5.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 7.5m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 10.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 12.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU
8.0mm 15.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° O, 130° U Tungsten on PU

CamChange Camera Heads

CamChange interchangeable Camera Head          70° 15.0mm - infinity
CamChange interchangeable Camera Head 70° 10.0mm - 30.0mm
CamChange interchangeable Camera Head 50° 15.0mm - infinity


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