Long Borescopes

As their names reveal, in this category we present video borescopes and push cameras with long cables or push rods. Video borescopes with articulating tip cables are available up to 15m (49') in length. Non-articulating straight view probes feature lengths up to 30m (98'). On push cameras the maximum push rod length reaches 120 meter (400’). Long cables coupled with comparatively small head diameter, 8mm or less on video borescopes and 22mm (under 1'') on push cameras make long borescopes an indispensable tool for most types of inspections in narrow diameter pipes and tubes, including those with multiple bends and turns. One remarkable feature of long borescopes is their modular design. All these systems come with interchangeable probes, camera heads and base units. This makes these kinds of inspection devices extremely versatile and fit for a great variety of jobs. Besides, this enhances their cost efficiency, since the servicing and repair of modular tools is a lot easier and less costly.

Long Borescopes to Inspect Ducts, Channels, Pipelines
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