Lateral Inspection Cameras

Recent studies indicate that service laterals are often a source of significant infiltration, and that most infiltration into these lines occurs within a few feet of their respective mainlines. This makes regular and timely servicing of laterals a true necessity. Lateral inspection cameras include tools with push rods ranging from 35m (115') to 125m (400'). These cameras offer great selection of options depending on a particular project. The options include ultra durable cables with Kevlar coating, self-levelling and pan-and-tilt camera heads, optional built-in 512Hz or 33KHz sondes, completely waterproof design, onscreen foot counter, quick turn rod allowing the operator to direct the unit to the desired lateral line, and many more. The lateral inspection cameras are good for work on pipes up to 12''. They are capable of making 90 degree bends in small diameter pipes and can navigate even multiple corners. High powered adjustable lights will illuminate the entire inspections area, allowing the operator to see all the particulars of the inspection and take photos or record the process. Medit's cameras are your preferred choice for all lateral pipe inspection needs.

Inspection Camera Systems to Inspect Water and Sewer Lateral Pipes
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