A fiberscope is a type of a Remote Visual Inspection device that is a flexible fiber optic bundle with a lens at one end and an eyepiece on the other. They are used for exploring inaccessible areas when reaching the inspected area involves bending around corners or going further than a rigid scope can reach. They come with probes of different diameters, lengths and functionality that feature a tip that is usually articulated in two or four directions for extra maneuverability. We offer a variety of high-resolution, robust flexible fiberscopes for different applications and budgets. Some models are densely packed with twice as many imaging fibers than similar scopes of other manufacturers for better image quality and more precise inspections in different settings, be it deep inside a wall, in a tank or turbine. Our fiberscopes are designed specifically to withstand aggressive industrial environments. They are water-, oil- and ware-proof and well-built to be used in different inspection settings. All MEDIT fiberscopes can be easily connected to different light sources and cameras. Browse our accessories for enhanced view, image capturing and documentation options.

Fiberscopes for Industrial Applications
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