Drain Cameras

Due to their performance and affordability drain cameras have recently moved from being a luxury to being a necessity for plumbers. First, because they give operators a full, clear picture of the problem area eliminating the need for unnecessary costly excavating jobs or repairs. Secondly, their applications are virtually limitless and include: drains and pipes problems location and identification, such as blockages, leakages or tree roots; inspection and cleaning pipes in swimming pools; before and after pipe relining; preventative maintenance of pipes, drains and sewer mainlines and many more. Lately, the modern technology has made drain camera even more versatile, portable and lightweight. Even professional heavy-duty video devices are now extremely portable and easy to use. The drain camera’s basic set of features includes: a cable reel, a push rod (available in different lengths and diameters at Fiberscope.net), and a camera at the tip of the insertion rod with integrated lights to illuminate the area of interest. More sophisticated models feature: self-leveling or pan-and-tilt cameras, locators, high-resolution cameras and monitors, rechargeable batteries, superb illumination and many other options.

Drain Camera Systems | Reliable and Cost-Effective
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