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Video Borescopes and Snake Scopes for Building and House Inspectors

Building and House Inspection Cameras

Within the construction industry clients have to deal with constantly increasing safety requirements, which is an optimal time to implement an industrial borescope for inspections. Medit’s borescopes enable substantial examinations of buildings without interfering with their construction. These inspections can detect: * Biological damage, * Chemical damage, * Damage of a material/structural nature or * Damage caused by faulty building With our borescopes and snake scopes inspections can be documented quickly and with very little expenditure, particularly in the field. Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) applications in the building and construction industry are extensive, including air conditioning ducts, wall cavities, ventilation systems, ceiling, roof and floor voids, water tanks and pipes, wiring and boiler flues.

Snapshot Taken with IRis DVR Borescope During Building Inspection

Pipe Crawler GECKO 9050 Snapshot

Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head
Up to 150m Working Length
Up to 20" Pipe Diameter
1bar Waterproof
Sewer Camera TRITON-SL

Sewer Camera TRITON-SL Snapshot

1.68" Self-levelling Camera Head
Up to 400' Working Length
Up to 12" Pipe Diameter
6bar Waterproof
Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000

Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000 Snapshot

iPan-and-Tilt Camera Head
Up to 250m Working Length
Up to 40" Pipe Diameter
5bar Waterproof
Push Camera GECKO 9020

Push Camera GECKO 9020 Snapshot

2.7" Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head
Up to 196' Working Length
Up to 12" Pipe Diameter
1.5bar Waterproof
Drain Inspection Camera GECKO 3000-S
WiFi Sewer Camera TRITON Sonic
iPhone, iPad and Android Compatible
Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000
Brick Culvert Inspection
Sewer Camera TRITON-SL
Inspection of Laterals

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