Illumination and Video Accessories

Depending on the project remote visual inspection tools may require a variety of accessories. Fiberscopes and rigid borescopes usually need a light source to illuminate the inspected area. Under this category you will find a great choice of sources of light, from relatively simple detachable handles to standalone high intensity metal halide illumination devices. The latter type of light sources requires fiberoptic light guide cables to supply light from the source to the fiberscope or borescope. Cables come in lengths from 1.8m (6') to 5m (16.4'). It is worthy to note that they can be sterilized under temperatures up to 135°C (275°F), which is important considering that they are often used in healthcare environment. Along with illumination accessories, Medit offers video cameras and USB capture boxes. Borescopic video cameras are compact devices that allow to visualize the image seen by the eye onto a larger screen, such as a computer monitor or a TV screen. Some cameras have a built-in ability to record and save files directly to a computer, while others can achieve that with a help of an optional USB capture box. All our illumination and video accessories come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Borescope Light Sources and Video Cameras

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