Borescope Kits and Custom Products

Based on our rich experience of selling borescopes, Medit Inc. got to know what combinations of borescopes, cameras, and other accessories are especially useful and in high demand. Borescope kits include the right configuration of necessary components for your project, often at a discounted price. Such combinations may include a rigid optical endoscope and a videoscope handheld base with a full color display and file capture capability, or a borescope with a stand-alone camera unit with recording features and infra-red remote control. Our modular rigid borescope with swivel lenses that is designed especially for critical inspections is also highly popular. We are able to build customized units taking into account all the nuances and requirements of your specific project. Examples of customized tools we build on a regular basis include heat resistant borescopes able to work even under extreme temperature conditions and a retractable pole camera especially designed for military and security agencies.

Borescope Kit and Custom Products Including Heat Resistant Borescopes

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