Borescope Cameras

A borescope camera, featuring a variety of image capturing and documenting options, can not only enhance the view of the object you are inspecting, but help you review the footage, organize your inspection records, store them and share them with your clients. Detailed inspection of the problem area conducted with the help of a borescope camera and the following professional report – is the essence of RVI work. We offer you a variety of video capturing devices for various rigid and flexible endoscopes / fiberscopes to fit your specific needs and budget. We offer quality-made, innovative, highly portable equipment to make the work of remote visual inspections as productive and comfortable for operators as it can only be. Our systems offer unparalleled versatility in a range of applications. Currently our portfolio includes: CCTV and HDMI, ImagePRO TV and ImagePRO USB borescope cameras. All our video capturing devices provide crisp, clear, color images of the inspected area, along with removable C-mount couplers that allow you to focus the image close up to the tip of the borescope/endoscope, or further away from the tip for larger inspection areas. These borescope video camera units feature power adapters, RCA video cables, and the ability to connect directly to a TV monitor, or to a computer/laptop through a USB capture box, allowing you to capture images and video of your inspections. Our TV cameras for borescopes are available in both NTSC (North American video standard) and PAL (European and Middle East standard) versions.

Borescope Cameras by MEDIT
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