Articulating Borescopes

Articulating borescope is a flexible visual inspection device that is perfect for inspecting narrow, tight or curved spaces, pipes or channels. They come in diameters between 3mm (0.11”) and 10.0mm (0.39”) and can reach the areas that a human eye would not otherwise be able to see. We offer several different articulated borescopes with different diameters, lengths, tip angulation and resolution. Two- and four-way articulation of the tip makes the insertion process smoother and easier and adds extra maneuverability to the probes around bends and corners. Featuring specially braided probes, which are usually water-, oil- and gasoline-proof, our articulating borescopes are tough and flexible, yet ergonomic and convenient for prolonged inspections.

Articulating Borescopes with Tip Angulation | We Ship Worldwide
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