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Advanced Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD

Product Highlights:
  • Advanced Pipe Crawler to Inspect Pipes Ranging from 200mm to 3500mm (8” to 120”)
  • Full HD 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera Head, with 10x Optical and 12x Digital Zoom  
  • Manual or Auto Focus, Range from 10mm - infinity
  • Full HD Rear-view Camera with LED lights
  • Cable Lengths from 200 meter (656 ft) to 500 meters (1,640 ft)
  • Manual or Motorized Reel
  • Laser Measurement, Image Stabilization, Pressure sensors, Inclinometer, Gyroscope 
  • Ability to Plot the Pipe and Measure Damages 
  • Onscreen Length Counter
  • Electronically Controlled Lift System
  • 4x4 Wheels, with Ultra-Powerful Dual 110 watt Motors
  • Steerable
  • Dual Monitor with 17.3” and 7” Touch-screens, Built-in Telemetry Computer
  • High Powered Built-in LEDs for Excellent Illumination (4000 LM)
  • Crawler IP68 Waterproof
  • Optional Additional LED Lighting, Wheel Sets and Sonde for Location Available  
  • Pelican Case for the Control Monitor
What’s Included
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Product Information
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New SIGMA HD advanced pipe crawler is an extremely reliable, expertly designed steerable pipe inspection robot that is loaded with great features. These units are one of the most advanced and affordable crawlers which can be used to inspect storm water lines, sewer drainage and construction areas, duct work, pipe/gas lines, and industrial sites. This is perfectly suited to use in areas from 200mm (8”) up to 3 meters (9.8 ft), and up to lengths of 500 meter (1640 ft) thanks to the modular design.

The pipe crawler comes in 2 configurations: with a manual reel, and with a motorized reel, extra sets of wheels and auxiliary LED lights. Both of these configurations come standard with the following; 

  • Full HD color Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) camera head, featuring a Japanese Tamron 1080p high definition digital camera with 10x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom, and a focal distance from 10mm to infinity 
  • Steerable crawler robot with a powerful drive system and the ability to mount additional larger wheel sets
  • German made G8 aramid reinforced cable with a winch system
  • Portable control box with dual touch screen monitors 

 What makes these systems so unique and advanced is; 

  • Optical vibration compensation built into the Full HD PTZ camera head
  • Powerful 4x4 drive system specially designed with two 110 watt Faulhaber Swiss motors
  • Endless panning of the camera head and tilt angles
  • Laser measuring diodes to measure defects and the diameter of pipes
  • Pressure sensors, inclinometer, gyroscope, pitch and roll sensors 
  • Advanced motorized reel, with rolling ring drive on a smooth shaft 
  • 17.3” color LCD touch screen monitor (largest available on a mobile system)
  • Additional 7” touch screen monitor with a built-in computer, with Telescan software
  • Intuitive control of the robot
  • Ability to profile and plot the pipeline, and prepare reports  

All SIGMA HD pipe crawlers have the option to add additional LED lighting, a sonde for location, and additional wheel sets for larger diameter inspections. These crawlers are also modular and can be customized for different applications and inspection areas as you want.   

The SIGMA HD Advanced Pipe Crawler is offered in 2 configurations; 

SIGMA HD features a larger 200mm (7.9”) robot, with an electronically controlled, oil-filled, lift system to raise the camera head up to 330mm (13”), a built-in full HD rear view camera with LED lights, and wires that are protected by hard electrical conduits running inside the drive unit, offering top of the line protection for tough inspection areas.

With respect to the cable reel; the SIGMA HD pipe crawler is available with a standard manual reel with 200m cable, but this can be upgraded to our advanced motorized cable reel, which uses a rolling ring drive on a smooth shaft to extend the life of the cable laying mechanism and built-in wheels to easily maneuver the motorized reel around a variety of job sites. The advanced motorized cable reel is standard with all SIGMA HD 200 advanced pipe crawlers, and it has optional cable lengths up to 500 meters (1640 ft). 

Note: SIGMA HD Pipe Crawler is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


Camera Specifications


Corrosion proof with waterproof rear connector. 

Image Sensor:

Tamron Full HDTV CMOS (Japan) with Optical Vibration Compensation


1080p (Full HD)


0.5 lux.


Built-in Ultra-Bright LEDs 4000LM (Optional auxiliary light available), Dimmable

Focal Distance:

10mm - ∞

Field of View

62 degree


Endless Panning/Tilting 


120x (10x Optical, 12x Digital)

Manual / Auto Focus:


Laser Measurement:


Camera Position Sensor


Camera Internal Pressure Sensor


Image Sensor Protection:

Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal Lens


IP68, 0.1bar (1m in freshwater)

Rear view camera:

 Full HD, Built-in

Crawler Specification

Body Construction:

Stainless Steel


Two, 110 Watt each FAULHABER motors


Four-wheel drive. Steerable. Variable speed

Cruise control:



Roll sensor:



Camera Raiser:

up to 350mm, Hydraulic, Electronically adjusted


Length 360mm (14.17”), Width 120mm (4.72”), Height (without camera raiser)100mm (3.94”)


  • 93mm wheel set for 200mm (8") diameter pipes and above - standard
  • 125mm wheel set for 300mm (12") diameter pipes and above - optional for SIGMA HD 150
  • 210mm pneumatic wheel set for 350mm (14") diameter pipes and up to 3m - optional for SIGMA HD 150
  • 93mm abrasive weel set for plastic and ceramic pipes - optional for SIGMA HD 150

Built-in Sensors:

  • Inclinometer (to measure angles of slope)
  • Gyrometer (to measure angles of pipe turns)
  • Internal Pressure monitor


IP 68


26kg minimal crawler + 93mm wheels only 

 512Hz Transmitter (Sonde):

 Yes, Optional

Control Unit Specifications


All electronics and control systems are housed inside a durable and portable PELICAN type case. Weight: 11kg


  • Main: 17.3” touch screen, Hi-Brightness (1000 cd/m2)
  • Control: 7" touch screen, Hi-Brightness (1000 cd/m2)

Navigation and Control:

Two joysticks, Touch screen menu. 

Built-in Memory:


Built-in Software:


Footage (Meter) Counter:


Cable and Drum Specifications


Combined, Multicore, Aramid reinforced cable in thermoplastic housing. Made in Germany

Wet Cable End:

Stainless Steel with strain relief

Cable Diameter:

7.5mm (0.29”)

Tether Strength:

2000N (working), 4000N (max)

Working Length:

  • SIGMA HD 200: 250m (820’) - Standard 1, 400m (1,312') Standard 2, up to 500m (1,640') - Optional

Reel Construction:

  • SIGMA HD 150: Manual, with a tensioner and smart rewinder to coil cable uniformly
  • SIGMA HD 200: Motorized, pays out and retracts cable and regulates itself. Cable protection and Smart cable-laying mechanism

Built-in meter-counter:

For distance measurement display


Operating Temperature: - 10°C to +40°C (14F to 104F)


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Our SIGMA Crawler has arrived and is being fitted into its new home as we speak. It sure is a beast.

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